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Big Brother 19: Week 11 Eviction Results

The special eviction that was held tonight will finally bring us down to the final four, giving us just a week until someone is crowned the winner of Big Brother 19!

The special eviction was taped tonight, but it won’t air until tomorrow night during the regularly scheduled Wednesday episode. However, it was leaked who was evicted beforehand by the same guy who have contributed all of the other accurate leaks so far this season. We thought it was going to be a straightforward vote, but it turned out not to be!


Big Brother 19 Week 11 Votes –

  • Christmas voted to evict Alex
  • Paul voted to evict Kevin
  • Josh broke the tie by casting his vote to evict Alex
  • By a vote of 2-1, Alex was evicted


The thing that we know for certain is that the vote was split. We don’t know for certain how exactly Christmas and Paul voted, but we are about 90% sure they voted how it was listed above based on conversations that were had before the feeds went down.

The most revealing thing was Josh voting to evict Alex, despite his talk about keeping Alex, telling her everything that Christmas and Paul have been doing behind her back, then working with her moving forward in order to get Paul out. Josh has instead chosen the route of having to go head to head with Paul going into the final three, so long as he survives the final four eviction. The HOH will be played shortly and we’ll have those spoilers as well, so make sure to stay tuned!

  • angiedano


    • BABUSKA63

      Soooooooo disappointed. Josh is afraid Xmas will turn on him.

      • Tonya Wilson Bowen

        Josh is just a big baby meatball he could sent kevin home and kepted Alex he takes their bullying they talk to him like crap his family needs to slap him .

      • Betty Barratt

        with good reason as she told him she could not promise to take him. I sure hope Paul takes Christmas to the final 2.

    • stellagal2

      The only thing I hate is for them to keep going along with Paul, making him look good and making themselves look really really bad. But, oh well.

  • Strange1

    looks like they are setting up for an F3 with Kevin…

    • stellagal2

      I still think Kevin is toast.

  • Eyes Have It

    They had to change just about everything to accommodate Christmas. I can’t believe that lame ass comic book challenge instead of the one with the zip line. Time for her to GO. As lame as Kevin is physically, it’s better than hoppy.

  • Donna Murray

    Paul is hoh and nominated Josh and Kevin. Bye josh…. better win veto

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