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Big Brother 19: Week 10 Veto Ceremony Plans

It’s been a relatively slow week when it comes to normal drama, but what to do with the veto has caused some inter-alliance drama among Paul’s main trio.

Paul was the one person other than the two nominees that had plans on using the veto, so once he won it, we had a fairly good idea as to what he was going to do. However, Josh was never entirely on board with Paul’s plan and tried to get Christmas to help him push Paul into not using the veto and just keeping the nominations the same.

Paul refused, saying that Josh’s plan was terrible and that it would expose them immediately. Christmas agreed with Paul in this argument, going as far as saying that they wouldn’t even be exposed after the vote under Paul’s plan, despite her being the vote to send the target out.

That being said, Paul is planning on using the veto on Alex while Christmas intends to put Kevin up as the replacement nominee. Jason remains the target, with Alex and Jason both still believing that Kevin is who is being sent home this week. Paul’s plan is to play dumb with Alex and Jason all week, staying in their good graces while he splits the vote, making his two allies be the two votes against Jason this week so that he is the only one who is on Alex’s side come next week.

We’re just going to have to wait and see if Alex and Jason are to finally catch onto the plan, as Kevin has tried warning Jason in the past that he’s the actual target, but Jason didn’t completely believe him. Alex is still 100% convinced that Paul literally cannot turn on him because of his “Friendship” brand. They’ll find out soon enough once Thursday rolls around.

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