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Big Brother 19: Week 10 POV Results

The competition today was important for several reasons, as we could ultimately end up with a very different evictee on Thursday depending on several different people who could have won.

Christmas nominated Alex and Jason for eviction this week, but the pair believe that Kevin is the actual target. While Alex and Jason believe that, everyone else in the house is in on the plan to actually get Jason out this week. However, they’re not the only ones who would use the veto if they were to win it. Paul also wants to win the veto so he can take Alex off, which will ensure his safety with Alex if she were to win HOH next week.

Paul managed to win the Power of Veto, which means that he’s going to have control over whether or not Alex comes down like he originally wanted. The things that it comes down to now is how Paul reacts to Christmas and Josh now wanting Paul to vote with them instead of being the sole vote to evict, since now Josh sees that the original plan that Paul wanted only benefits Paul while leaves Christmas and Josh out to dry.

Paul has since told Alex that he’s going to use the veto on her. Alex said that she didn’t care since she trusts them, but Paul’s reasoning is that Kevin is less likely to campaign all week if he’s sitting next to Jason.

If Paul is to push back too hard on Christmas and Josh’s wish for it to be a unanimous vote against Jason, it could prove to Christmas that Josh’s early assumptions about Paul only looking out for himself to be true. We’ll have to sit back and wait for Thursday now.

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