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Big Brother 19: Week 10 POV Competition Plans

Since we’ve finally made it down to the final seven, that means that only one person won’t be competing in today’s veto competition, giving us the opportunity to go over everyone’s plans for it.

Christmas nominated Alex and Jason for eviction this week and despite how obvious it might be to us, both Alex and Jason are under the impression that they’re just pawns who are helping further the plan to get Kevin out, when in reality Jason is the main target this week and they’re essentially on their own at this point.

Alex and Jason are their own only hope when it comes to taking themselves off the block. To make things even more interesting, we have Jason who told Kevin yesterday that he would use the veto on Alex instead of himself, with his reasoning being that he’d look like a stooge on national television if he didn’t. Kevin warned Jason several times yesterday that he’s the actual target, but it’s unclear how much Jason actually believes him since Jason also has Alex in his ear telling him how safe they are.

Christmas, Josh, Kevin, Paul, and Raven would all keep the nominations the same, since they’re all in on the plan to take out Jason this week. Despite their misgivings with Kevin, each also agreed that if Jason does end up taking himself off the block, Alex will be the backup target.

Everyone will be gunning for the veto today, minus one person. That one person being Paul, who has positioned himself in the middle of the house and has Alex convinced that he had no idea that Christmas was going to put both Alex and Jason up, along with the fact that he thinks he might be getting backdoored. Paul would be putting jury votes at risk by winning the veto and not using it, so if he does get picked, he’s going to be throwing today’s competition.


We’ll be sure to update this article when we find out who the one houseguest is that won’t be competing today, as well as any developments when it comes to Alex and Jason being in or out of the loop of the actual plan.

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