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Big Brother 19: Week 10 Nomination Plans

Today’s nominations have the potential to really stir up the house, as we’re currently looking at what is going to be a major blindside!

Christmas managed to win a sprinting competition, despite having a broken foot, which means that Paul’s group has power once again this week. However, what’s different this time is that all the known duos have been split up, leaving on Alex and Jason left.

Alex and Jason are both under the impression that Christmas, Josh, and Paul are their closest allies, when in reality that trio wants them out this week. Alex offered to be the pawn next to Kevin, but instead, Christmas plans on putting her up next to her ride-or-die, Jason. Jason is the main target for the week. Christmas plans to be straightforward with their plans for the week after the ceremony instead of trying to sugarcoat it.

Paul meanwhile has gotten Christmas to agree to let him play dumb to the whole plan, allowing him to stay in good graces with Alex and Jason while Christmas takes all the heat. Kevin will be left off the block in case Alex or Jason were win veto, but regardless, one of them will likely be going home this week. If this ends up actually being a blindside, we could be in for quite the day of feeds.

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