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Big Brother 19: Week 10 Nomination Ceremony Results

Today’s nominations showed that we’re in for a fairly interesting week, as the new Head of Household put up two people who thought they were closest to her.

Since Matt went home last week, that meant that all of the showmances were finally broken up, leaving only one obvious power duo in the house, that being Alex and Jason. While they don’t even hide the fact that they’re a power duo, the pair believe that they’re some of the safest in the house, with their closest allies being Christmas, Josh and Paul.

Christmas nominated Alex and Jason for eviction. Alex actually volunteered her and Jason to go up as pawns, despite Jason personally not wanting to go up. Christmas went back and forth on whether to make her plans for the week clear during her nomination speech, but ended up settling on just keeping both nominees in the dark.

Now we’ll just have to wait until the veto ceremony or if the real plan to evict Jason somehow leaks for any true fallout. Alex and Jason are both under the impression that Kevin is the real target, so they don’t quite think that one of them will be leaving yet, but will find out soon enough.

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