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Big Brother 19: Week 10 HOH Competition Results

Tonight’s Head of Household competition was another important one, as Alex and Jason’s fate was on the line, whether they knew it or not.

Alex and Jason feel arguably safer than anyone going into this week, when in reality virtually everyone has plans on putting them up this week, including those the pair believes they’re closest with. Since Jason won last week, he won’t be able to compete, leaving Alex to compete on behalf of both of them. However, since Alex and Jason think that Kevin and Raven are the targets, they have discussed intentionally throwing this competition.

Christmas managed to win a competition that was based around sprinting, despite having a broken foot. She thanked everyone else for screwing up, which sounds like she ended up winning by default.

We’re in for a pretty interesting week, as she’s closest aligned with Paul, who wants to take a shot at Alex and Jason this week. Alex and Jason are convinced that Christmas is their closest ally, so we could be seeing a blindside.

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