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Big Brother 19: Week 10 Eviction Plans

It’s been a fairly uneventful week, but things are surely to speed back up again tonight, as we’re not only heading into a double eviction, but there will also be a major blindside.

Christmas nominated Alex and Jason this week with the promise that Kevin was going to be the target. That promise was seemingly kept when Paul won the veto and used it on Alex, letting Christmas put up Kevin as the replacement nominee. Alex is completely convinced that her and Jason are in the best positions in the house, so she has never had any doubt in the plan, but she’ll find out soon enough.

Jason will be the likely evictee tonight, but there is a lot more to it than that. Despite everyone being in on this plan except for Alex and Jason, the vote is going to be intentionally split, forcing Christmas to break the tie and send Jason out the door. Paul has convinced her of this plan, which will allow him to stay in good graces with Alex while Christmas and Josh take virtually all of the blame.

Things that are also planned is the possibility of Josh warning Jason just before the vote that he’s going home, which gives Paul the opportunity to fake a fight with Josh right before the HOH competition with the intention of getting Alex to not try as hard, but that is unlikely. Christmas has made it clear that she wants Alex out next, but Paul has seemingly pushed back on that idea some, suggesting it wouldn’t be terrible if Raven were sent out, so he could have possibly throwing the HOH to Alex in mind, but all those kind of plans will be thrown out the window once it’s revealed that it’s a double eviction.


When it comes to double eviction targets, virtually everyone’s target is going to be Alex, with Kevin or Raven being used as the obvious pawns in order to get her out. Paul might be willing to send Alex out since it’s a double eviction, but it’s unlikely that he wants to risk an obvious jury vote like that, so he’s likely to throw it. There is no telling who Alex would put up if she were to win the HOH after Jason was sent out. Paul would still be in her good graces, but Christmas would have just been the person who ensured her ride or die was sent packing, so it’s likely we see her nominated alongside Josh or Raven. We’ll just have to wait and see!

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