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Big Brother 19: Week 1 POV Results

It might just be the first veto competition of the summer, but the had the possibility to really shake things up based on could have ended up winning.

Jillian and Alex were the nominees, as Alex was nominated after Megan self-evicted, which meant that the two girls and Cody were guaranteed to play in the competition, alongside Raven, Matt, and Jason. Cody, Matt, Mark, Paul, Jessica, Elena, and Raven’s target this week is Alex, but this is Big Brother and things can always flip on a dime.

Alex ended up winning the veto, which completely changes the plan for this week, as she was the main target. The girls got wind of Jillian talking bad about them, so it’s very possible that she could be the backup target, but this does give Cody his chance to attempt to backdoor Paul, but he would soon find out that doing so isn’t possible this week.

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