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Big Brother 19: Week 1 POV Ceremony Results

Today is the veto ceremony, which means Cody will finally be given the chance to make the big move that he has been teasing for the last few days.

While Cody has an alliance with Jessica, Mark, Elena, Matt, Raven, Dominique, Christmas, and Paul, he doesn’t plan on maintaining that entire alliance past week one. Cody’s alliance might want to take Jason out this week, but Cody has plans to target one of his own to help even out the numbers, helping Alex’s game in the process.

Cody attempted to put up Paul as the replacement nominee, but Paul revealed that he has the Pendant of Protection, which ensures his safety for the next three weeks. After having his original plan foiled, Cody decided to put up Christmas as the replacement nominee.

This means that Christmas and Jillian will be nominated for eviction during Thursday’s live show. Cody made this move without really telling anyone in his alliance and with knowledge that nearly all of them were in agreement that they should get Jason out. There is going to be plenty of drama to follow the ceremony, as the biggest alliance in the house basically just came crumbling down.

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