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Big Brother 19: Week 1 Eviction Results

It’s only the first eviction of the summer, but the consequences of tonight are going to be huge. Unlike previous seasons, the house is already divided down the middle, with multiple houseguests lying and double crossing each other, which will all be exposed tonight.

Cody ended up having to nominate over a third of the house after Megan left, Alex took herself off the block, and Paul revealed he had the Pendant of Protection. Because Cody chose to blindside his alliance by going after Paul, the house split, with the big nine person alliance breaking off to form a new alliance, just without Cody and Jessica.

It’s Christmas and Jillian up for eviction, with both sides of the house thinking that they have it in the bag. Cody and Jessica have been campaigning hard for Christmas’ eviction and fully believe that she’s going home, but little do they know about the potential to be double crossed by people they think they’re closest with.


Big Brother 19 Week 1 Votes –

  • Matt votes to evict Jillian
  • Dominique votes to evict Jillian
  • Elena votes to evict Jillian
  • Jason votes to evict Christmas
  • Jessica votes to evict Christmas
  • Paul votes to evict Jillian
  • Mark votes to evict Jillian
  • Josh vote to evict
  • Alex votes to evict Christmas
  • Kevin votes to evict Jillian
  • Ramses votes to evict Christmas
  • Raven votes to evict Jillian
  • By a vote of 8-4, Jillian has been evicted


This completely blindsided Cody and Jessica, with them being convinced that they had Mark and Josh’s vote locked in. Don’t miss the fallout and the HOH competition that’s going to be played on the Live Feeds! You can watch an entire week of feeds for FREE with a  seven day trial by signing up here.

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