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Big Brother 19: Week 1 Eviction Plans

While we’ve made it to the first live eviction of the summer, there has already been two houseguests who have left the house, a blindside, and alliances have been made and split apart. Tonight’s vote will follow the week’s trend is being a nail-bitter.

The original target this week was Megan, who ended up self-evicting. The next target was Alex, who ended up taking herself off the block with the veto. The next target was Paul, who ended up having the Pendant of Protection. This long chain of events is what led to Christmas being nominated alongside Jillian.

Which sides each of the houseguests on are relatively clear, making it easy for us to anticipate how the majority of the house plans to vote. It takes seven votes to evict, but a tie would also have a decisive consequence.

Cody and Jessica want Christmas out for the obvious reason of not wanting her to come after them after backstabbing her at the veto meeting. Alex, Ramses, Jason, and seemingly Kevin have all also given their words to Jillian that they would keep her, as they’re all her closest friends and were apart of the outsiders alliance together. That leaves Jillian with five votes, one shy away from a tie.

Paul is the man leading the charge for Christmas, as he was Cody’s original target, so he’s going to do everything he can to knock Cody down a peg. There is also Raven, Matt, Elena, Mark, and Dominique who have all given their word to Christmas and have all been working closely together after they each turned their backs on Jessica and Cody. That leaves Christmas with at least six votes, one shy of the majority.


This week’s entire eviction is going to come down to Josh’s vote. While Josh and Christmas bonded a lot this first week as Christmas helped him while he cried over missing his family, Josh has spent plenty of time with the outsiders group that consists of Alex, Jillian, Jason, Kevin, and Ramses. Josh has declared his loyalty to all sides this week, making figuring out how he’s going to vote that much harder.

While alone, Josh first said that he’s loyal to Paul and planned to show that by voting to keep Christmas. However, just last night Josh had another game talking session with himself where he seemingly went back on that, saying that he needed to think about his long term game because he didn’t think keeping Christmas was good for his game. Josh’s main reasoning was the fact how closely Paul and Christmas are working with the two showmances, Matt and Raven, along with Mark and Elena. Josh also stated that he didn’t exactly agree with the idea of going after Cody and Jessica, since Josh said that would leave him as the next target once those two were gone.


It seems as though Josh doesn’t even know what he’s going to be doing at tonight’s live eviction, which will likely remain that way until he’s in the DR casting his vote. It’s possible that the last person in his ear is what he’ll end up doing.

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