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Big Brother 19: Week 1 Den of Temptation Spoilers

The new twist this year has been deemed the “Den of Temptation”, which will involves a different houseguest each week being voted on by America to be tempted with a power that will benefit them, but could come with a consequence for someone else.

Julie Chen from Big Brother 19 – Source: CBS

This week’s temptation was called the “Pendant of Protection” and that power made it so whoever received it would get 3 weeks safety, but it wouldn’t have to be revealed to the houseguests until the recipient actually needed to use it to get themselves out of a jam.

Paul revealed to the cameras that he got the three weeks of protection and plans on keeping it completely to himself, saying that the only thing that could really mess up his game at this point would be actually having to use it to save himself.

Ramses has alluded to being “bitten” by some sort of snake upstairs and might have a curse, which is likely the consequence that came with Paul’s temptation, though he hasn’t actually told anyone exactly what the curse is, only that the people close to him should try to avoid him to make sure they aren’t affected by it too. Next week’s temptation is the Ring of Redemption, which will allow the houseguest who takes it to play in any veto competition of the summer.

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