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Big Brother 19: Wednesday Episode Schedule Changes

It’s become a yearly occurrence when football season comes along for it to interfere with the Big Brother airing on each of the days Big Brother premieres. This year is no exception.

We know for a fact that at least for the next six episodes, someone somewhere in the country will be affected by it and will be forced to either find a feed to watch it online, only read updates, or wait for the delayed airing late into the night.

There are six cities that are going to be affected tomorrow due to the Houston Texans vs Carolina Panthers game, most of which are in Texas and a couple cities in North and South Carolina. You can find a list of the changes below –


  • KFDM, Beaumont TX – Delayed until 12:37am
  • KZTV, Corpus Christi TX – Delayed until 12:37am
  • KGBT, Harlingen TX – Delayed until 12:37am
  • KDBC, El Paso TX – Delayed until 9:00pm
  • WFMY, Greensboro NC – Delayed until 1:37am
  • WCSC, Charleston SC – Delayed until 1:37am

The times listed are in the local timezones for Texas, North Carolina, and South Carolina. There is even more people who will be affected during Thursday’s live show, so make sure to check back Wednesday afternoon for a list of those affected.

If you’re going to be unable to watch Wednesday’s episode, be sure to follow me on Twitter, as i’ll be tweeting updates throughout the episode and providing a link so that you can stream the episode from your computer.

  • Nadia Rizkalla

    Can we still watch it live from the stream on all access?

  • Jenny Love

    That makes me mad as heck, stupid football needs to play on Monday nighas and the weekendtours bad enough you don’t show the comps most 9f the time anymore unless we sang into the live feeds, Big brother needs to go back to when they first aired and show us all the comps I mean come on and the bullying is really pathetic this season on ashamed and may stop watching altogether 😏😠🤔😣

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