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Big Brother 19: Veto Competition Punishments [PICS]

Each year there is a competition where the houseguests are offered both prizes, punishments, and the Power of Veto. This year the three punishments handed out were pretty good.

Alongside the three who were punished, there were also those who got rewards. Elena took $5000, Mark got a vacation to Colorado, and Matt won the veto and a Outback Steakhouse dinner in the backyard that he gets to take a couple of the houseguests with him for.

Jason was the first to receive his punishment. He got the “Extreme-O-Tard”, which is a bright blue, yellow, and pink unitard with a helmet that has an “X” attached to it. He’ll have to wear it for the next 48 hours while the occasional “Jason is doing x and it’s so extreme!” will be played over the speakers.

Paul and Christmas were the next to be punished. Despite Christmas not playing in the veto competition, Paul chose her to receive the dual punishment with him. They will both have to be strapped together for 48 hours. They will have to sleep strapped together and will even have to wait outside the bathroom door for one another while the other goes to the restroom.

Alex was the final person to receive her punishment, which was also undoubtedly the worst punishment of the lot. She will have to carry around camp gear for the next week at all times and pitch a campsite in the backyard every single time she hears a bugle play over the speakers. After making her campsite, she’ll have to cook each of the houseguests hotdogs, whether they want them or not. She said that she’ll have to do this at least 100 times total over the course of the week.

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