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Big Brother 19: Transcript of Cody and Jessica vs Josh fight

We thought going into today that it was going to be a slow day with everyone relaxing, but we were quickly proven wrong with an explosive fight burst out of virtually no where.

Jessica and Cody went at it with Josh, letting things get very personal very quickly. What led to this fight was a couple conversations about an 30 minutes to an hour before the main fight. Josh and Paul were doing the dishes and talking about people who took long showers when Jessica was standing in the kitchen with them.

Here is what was said –

Paul: Homie likes to shower. He is the cause of the California drought

Josh: Matt is the cause of the drought

Jessica: Josh, can you spell “drought”?

Josh: d-r-o-u-g-h-t. Drought. Got em’

Jessica: Wow. I’m proud of you. I’m pretty sure I could stump him on a hundred other words, so i’m not too worried about it.

Josh: I’m actually very smart, Jess. I have a college degree. I have a business.

Jessica: M’kay. Whatever you say, Josh.

Josh: I’m 23 and extremely successful. It feels great.

Josh held his tongue, not saying much when Jessica first made the comment. He asked Paul why Jessica was mad, but Paul didn’t have an answer. About 15 minutes or more passed before Paul suggested that they get Mark to film Josh asking Jessica if she could spell “evicted” on the POV Snapchat glasses. Mark and Josh walked into the kitchen when he said this:

Josh: Hey, Jess. Can you spell “evicted”

Jessica: Oh god f*ck yourself. You’re so dumb. F*cking dumbest human being I have ever met in my entire life.

About 15-30 minutes passed before Josh walked back into the kitchen where Cody and Jessica still were, which is when things quickly got heated and personal. You can find everything that was said in the transcript below. Keep in mind that there were maybe 5 seconds total of inaudible yelling from both of them that wasn’t legible.


Note: If I missed something leading up to this fight that was said earlier in the backyard, please let me know and i’ll update this article. 


Full fight transcript –

Jessica: Josh, I am warning you. Today is not the day

Cody: Josh, you want to get out of my face, you fat f*cking prick?

Josh: I was walking in and I was-

Jessica: Literally not the day.

Josh: Jess, I didn’t even-

Cody: Listen here you f*cking piece of sh*t, I swear-

Jessica: Don’t.

Josh: I didn’t even put you on the block

Jessica: Josh, get away from me.

Cody: You just came in here to get on some snapchat glasses.

Josh: She was just like “Spell drought. I’ll make you look stupid” I’m like “Jess, I have a degree and I have a business, so I don’t know why you’re mad”

Jessica: I still think that you’re a moron

Josh: That’s nice

Cody: You’re the dumbest f*cking person we’ve ever met, Josh.

Josh: Nice

Cody: You waddle around here with your fat f*cking body, acting like you’re f*cking tough, but you know it’s only because we can’t f*cking do sh*t in here. If you wanna try this sh*t on the outside, go for it. I f*cking dare you.

Josh: Okay, you guys are making it real personal.

Cody: It is personal, Josh

Jessica: I’m not in the mood today, so just don’t speak to me, don’t address me, get away from me. I will play along today. If that’s the game you want to play, then let’s f*cking play. I have two days left, baby. Bring it on

Josh: I was talking about Matt and you inserted yourself by saying “Spell drought. You’re real stupid”

Jessica: Go away. Actually, I didn’t say you were stupid until right now. You’re stupid. Okay?

Josh: How am I stupid?

Jessica: Do you listen to yourself speak on a daily basis because unfortunately I have to.

Josh: Okay. You’re going to watch back and feel stupid because I tried. I’ll leave it at that.

Jessica: No i’m not

Cody: You’re an idiot

Jessica: Goodbye

Josh: Bye. You guys are going to feel so stupid when you watch back. You both played yourselves.

Jessica: Oh no! Evict me! I’m terrified! There is nothing for me on the outside world!

Josh: I never said that

Jessica: Go away

Josh: I never called you a moron, I never called you stupid, never called you a fat f*ck, never said you wobble around the house

Cody: Wait until you see the sh*t I say about you. I f*cking destroy you, Josh.

Josh: That’s fine

Cody: I will destroy you on the outside. I don’t give a f*ck about you.

Josh: Nice. Anything else you want to say?

Cody: I’m going to rip you the f*ck apart on the outside, I swear. I’m going to let the whole world know how big of a piece of sh*t you are.

Josh: They’re watching, so you don’t have to.

Cody: Good. Great. I don’t give a f*ck

Josh: You don’t have the power to do any of that

Cody: I don’t give a f*ck.

Josh: Why are you so mad? Like do you realize that you’re playing a game?

Cody: This isn’t a f*cking game to me, Josh. This is real life

Josh: Okay, so, why- You guys haven’t spoken to me in 49 days, but you have all these judgements. You don’t even know me and you have all these judgements on me. You don’t even know me

Jessica: We don’t speak to people that we don’t like, sooo is that weird?

Josh: Is that why when Cody wasn’t here, you were talking to me?

Jessica: Really? I was talking to you? Every time you wanted to be like “Hey, can we talk? I’m so sorry” and then you attacked me every single time

Josh: Jess, you pulled me aside an hour before-

Jessica: You attacked me at another f*cking ceremony, Josh.

Josh: I’m HOH. I’m happy.

Jessica: You’re a coward.

Josh: I’m happy. I’m HOH. I’m living the dream.

Jessica: You got lucky that it was some stupid ass HOH comp, so “congratulations, i’m so proud of you”?

Josh: You are digging your gave

Jessica: Baby, I’ve got a life outside of this house! If you’re gonna evict me, i’m not scared!

Josh: Nobody asked

Jessica: I’m sorry, what?

Josh: Nobody asked you

Jessica: Enunciate. Enunciate.

Josh: So i’m a moron, i’m a fat wobbling f*ck. You’re making this game real personal

Cody: Waddling.

Josh: When you guys watch, you’re going to feel real stupid.

Jessica: No, i’m going to rewatch everything that i’ve had to endure

Josh: Watch this week and you’re going to feel real stupid that you’re playing Cody’s game

Jessica: No i’m not.

Josh: Yes you are. Cody single-handedly ruined your whole game and you’re still standing by him

Jessica: The only reason people keep you in this house is because you’re a moron and you can’t think for yourself.

Josh: Wow. If I can’t think for myself, when you watch back, you’re going to feel real stupid. You’re going to be home and you’re going to watch it and you’re gonna regret it.

Jessica: Please. Make me feel dumb. It’s gonna take a lot. Please try it. No i’m not, no i’m not.

Josh: You know what’s sad? How old are you? 26? You’re like 37?

Cody: Don’t go there Josh.

Josh: I’m 23 and i’m more mature than you. Everything you say doesn’t affect me. It doesn’t bother me because i’m a happy man. I’m 23 years old, i’m extremely successful. I’ve been loving life. While people have been wanting me to sit at a table, you two f*cks don’t even fit in with us.

Jessica: Ignorance is bliss

Cody: Enjoy it, Josh.

Josh: If he wasn’t here, you would have had a great time, but he controls you.

Cody: I’m so glad. You’re so cool, dude

Jessica: I cannot stand the sound of your voice

Cody: You’re so cool in this house, buddy. Enjoy it, Josh

Josh: I can go to Starbucks and talk to somebody. You shut down socially as soon as you have a conversation. Your social game is sh*t

Jessica: What are you talking about?

Josh: I can uptame a conversation

Jessica: Uptame isn’t a word.

Josh: Who can you have a conversation with without everyone thinking that you’re a d*ckhead? Like? Get real

Cody: Keep it up, Josh. Keep it up.

Josh: You came for me, so now I try to play nice. I don’t have to play nice anymore. And if you want to bum rush-

Jessica: What is your definition of playing nice? You haven’t been nice to me since day f*cking one, so don’t sit here and acting like you did me any f*cking favors

Josh: Jess, you inserted yourself. I wasn’t trying to involve you. It was between me and Matt. It didn’t involve you.

Cody: So a woman can’t involve herself in stuff, Josh?

Josh: She keeps saying that I involved her. She involved herself. I didn’t involve you in anything and I made it real clear to you 150 times that it’s between me and Cody, not you and me. I don’t know why you continue to involve yourself. You tried to make me out to look stupid. I didn’t say anything to you

Jessica: I think you handle that all on your own, Josh.

Josh: That i’m stupid?

Jessica: I’m just highlighting things that you say

Josh: Do you know that I run a business? I have a degree

Jessica: Congratulations! I don’t know anything about your business!

Josh: You haven’t had a conversation with me in 49 days so you don’t even know me! If it wasn’t for you, people wouldn’t even know who Cody’s name is

Jessica: What are you saying right now?

Josh: He doesn’t talk to nobody. It’s been 50 days and we don’t even know where he’s from

Cody: You’re such a dumbass.

Josh: If it wasn’t for you, he wouldn’t have no social game, no conversation skills, nothing. So if I suck and i’m a loser, you’re dating him.

Jessica: It’s a bizarre that i’m hearing criticism from you when criticism doesn’t hold any baring at all

Josh: I’m not criticizing, baby. I’m not criticizing. I’m stating facts. That kid has been in this house for 50 days and he doesn’t know sh*t about nobody, but if it wasn’t for you-

Jessica: Maybe he doesn’t want to know sh*t about you, Josh?

Josh: I don’t want to know sh*t about him

Jessica: Nobody wants to know sh*t about you. I don’t want to know sh*t about you

Josh: Get the f*ck out of here. You’re going home on Thursday

Jessica: Thank god! I don’t have to listen to your moronic speech anymore!

Josh: Alright. Watch it back, boo boo. Watch back.

Jessica: Boo boo.

Cody: Boo boo.

Josh: You joke

Cody: Wow. Nice

Josh: Shut the f*ck up. You’re like “You fat wobbly f*ck”. You’re a joke

Cody: Waddly. You waddle around here with your pudgy ass, yeah.

Josh: Your face is disgusting. Look at you is disgusting.

Jessica: Have you looked in the mirror?!

Josh: If people love you, then so be it, but you f*cking suck as a person

Jessica: You’re the one that was all like “I just want a boo. I just want a boo.” You sound desperate. “Put me on the bachelor. I need my own showmance” Stop

Josh: Jess, it’s a joke.

Jessica: Just stop

Josh: It’s a joke. You’re obviously pissed at life. Like you’re mad.

Jessica: I’m pissed that  that I have to keep hearing you

Josh: You’re going home on Thursday and that’s fine!

Jessica: Baby, I wish it was Thursday because I don’t want to hear your voice!

Josh: You’re going home thanks to Cody! How awesome is karma? You wanted me out. How awesome is karma?

*Jessica began banging a wooden spoon on the counter and hitting a can with it to make noise as Josh spoke*

Josh: I sent you home

Jessica: I put myself on the block. You did nothing.

Josh: I sent you home

Jessica: You did nothing. I made sure I took that power away from you, fat ass.

Josh: You’re going home on my HOH, boo boo. I rather be fat, big as f*ck and have a good heart than be a dickhead.

Jessica: A good heart? You contradict yourself every f*cking minute.

Josh: How?

Jessica: You sound so stupid! You say one thing, then you contradict yourself! When people laugh, they laugh at you!

Josh: I don’t hold a grudge. I have a good heart. When I want to apologize, I can do it, but you don’t deserve an apology. I tried with you multiple times

Jessica: The sh*t you said to me in the APSR. The amount of time that you have f*cking lied straight to my face

Josh: Okay. Drop one

Jessica: Okay. You said that Mark was using you as a puppet. You said that Paul made you do that f*cking speech.

Josh: Jess, on my grandfather, you’re a liar. On my family, you are a liar.

Jessica: Wow. Oh wow. Baby, I got nothing left to lose here. Your game is still going. Of course you’re going to swear up and down that you’re not a f*cking liar.

Josh: I would have never swore on my family (if he was lying).

Jessica: So are you just that dense that you forget the sh*t that comes out of your mouth?

Josh: There are 50 days of people seeing who I am and 50 days of people seeing who you are.

Jessica: Do you have short term memory loss?

Josh: All i’ve shown for 50 days is that I keep my word. That’s why you’re going home on Thursday

Jessica: No you f*cking haven’t! You’ve never kept- You don’t even know what a “word” is.

Josh: I’m HOH. I’m loving life. I got a letter from home. I’m on top of the world. You’re going home on Thursday, so I understand why you’re pissed

Jessica: I’m so glad that I get to go home and not listen to you anymore.

Josh: I understand why you’re pissed. I have one thing to say to you two. No more air time. Your time is up, boo boo. You’re getting evicted. No more air time

Jessica: Then go the f*ck away! I don’t need your air time, baby! I got my own f*cking life.

Josh: No more air time. No more air time. No more air time

Jessica: You are so dense. Then why are you still talking? Go roll your ass outside then. Truffle shuffle out the door.

Josh: Deuces. No more air time

Jessica: Truffle shuffle out the door. Go ahead.

Josh: No air time. It’s been real

Jessica: That’s real original, Josh. I’ve never heard anybody say that before.

Josh: It’s been real. No more air time. No more air time. Your time is up. I tried to play nice.

Jessica: Oh my god. You don’t know what the f*ck playing nice means.

Josh: Jess, stop it.

Jessica: Josh, bite me.

Josh: Stop it. You took a shot and f*cked up, boo boo.

Jessica: Kiss my ass.

Josh: Karma came and bit you in the ass, boo boo.

Jessica: I’m going to bite you in the f*cking ass.

  • Luna Alas

    Jess & Cody=D-I-S-G-U-S-T-I_N-G

  • Tessa McSkills

    Great Job with the transcript… If I could add one thing, tho… You didn’t mention that Paul told Josh to go in and ask her to spell “eviction” at 1:11pm. It wasn’t Josh’s idea to do so….. It’s important to the conversation because Paul is always stirring the pot every chance he gets. He’s always getting Josh to do things, so Paul gets to keep his hands clean & others look bad by doing it…

    • ginny

      I think sadly things just pulled up and the two just could not take it anymore being in the house. All the abuse Josh did do before caught up to them and they both are at there with end and want to leave. I do believe Cody will go with Jessie.

  • Buford Anderson

    Jess and Cody are both pieces of shit and deserve everything they get. Cody’s pissed and doesn’t want to play the game because he came in the house thinking he was going to run things and when that went south he sulled up like the unsocial bitch he is and ruined Jessica’s game.

    • Jazzy

      Thank you! And she’s too stupid to realize it. They both must be needy as hell, bc she told him his behavior was not acceptable and she couldn’t have him jeopardizing her job but she’s still with him. And he admitted he cannot practice self-control and doesn’t want to. He sits around staring at people like he’s mad at the world and cannot stand the air he breathes. They have known each other less than 2 month, yet he says he can’t function without her. Thats some hella whip appeal!

  • Betty Barratt

    no more air time for those two can’t be too soon for me. They both are made for each other as far as I’m concerned.

    • Jazzy

      They think they are better than others, but Jess is insane. Who goes around poking people in the butt and messing with straight women’s private parts? If Josh had mentioned that, they would have been trying to figjt. If Cody knows about this crazy behavior and is okay with it he’s crazier than I thought and they both need a psychiatrist quick.

    • S Smith

      Agree 100%

  • Carmen Withan E

    You forgot to mention Paul’s parts to get Josh to deliberately berate Jody again & to do it right up to HOH. You also didnt include the snide remarks by Josh & christmas in the BY just before the post & pans harassment started

    • Daniel

      I did include the part where Paul told Josh to ask her if she could spell evicted. I didn’t include anything after this fight because that goes in the main recap thread, since this article is specifically for the transcript.

    • S Smith

      Give me a frigen break! Just because Paul is smart enough to know how to retaliate against such trash does not make Paul a bad guy. That is exactly how I would handle these two emotionless dogs in heat myself!

  • S Smith

    Jessica is total TRASH and both her and Cody are the real instigating bullies in this house. They are just pissed because Paul is so much smarter than both of them put together. They act like dogs in heat and she actually thinks she’s better than everyone else. Cody and Jessica deserve each other but they do NOT deserve to win BB or even be on BB for that matter. Good riddens!

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