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Big Brother 19: Transcript From The House Fight

We were all expected a boring week since we knew that it was likely that Jessica was going to end up using the Halting Hex, but never before have we been so wrong.

There was originally a plan to get Jessica to not use the Hex, but that fell through. Once that was over, a new please was created to try to get Cody to crack, but that didn’t last long, as Paul ended up having a conversation with Jessica where she laid out his game and said that she’s going to use the Hex. It was a free for all after that, with Paul rallying the entire house to start calling out Cody and Jessica.

Once the entire house except for Cody and Jessica were together, they went to the kitchen to prepare for a house meeting, When Jessica finally peaked her head out of the lounge room door, mayhem ensued.

Disclaimer: They were yelling and/or screaming throughout this entire argument. This is exactly what was said, so if it sounds incoherent, it’s because they were both yelling over each other and stopping mid-sentence to address a different point that was brought up.


Transcript –

Paul: Cody, wanna come out and answer some questions? Or Jess, you wanna answer some questions too?

Jessica: About what?

Paul: Oh we’ve got questions. Are you guys willing to come out and play? Actually play the game?

Jessica: What do you want to know?

Alex: Why me?

Jessica: Because you nominated me.

Alex: I saved you!

Jessica: How did you save me?!

Alex: Everyone else wanted you out! Everyone wanted you out!

Jessica: Alex, you nominated me. Do I feel safe on the block?

Alex: We told you! It was a 10-0 because we made sure you didn’t go home! Don’t be stupid!

Jessica: Because Dom had a meltdown

Alex: No, we never had a- If we wanted you out, trust me

Jessica: Dom had a meltdown and so I didn’t go home

Alex: Everyone was pissed off. I did not-

Jessica: How am I supposed to trust someone who nominated me, then continues to lie about me in the game. How does that make sense? Why is it confusing to you?

Alex: I have told you before that I was nominating you. You’re actually being crazy right now, because I straight up told you that you were safe and it being 10-0

Jessica: Me being on the block is me being safe?

Alex: Obviously!

Jessica: Oh, I felt really safe

Alex: Because people were breathing down my neck because they wanted you to go home. Everybody here wanted you to go home

Jessica: Then why was it 10-0?

Alex: Because we-

Jessica: Because Dom had a meltdown

Alex: No

Jessica: If Dom didn’t have a meltdown, I would have gone home

Alex: Did I not talk to all of you guys that we need to vote Dominique out to save Jessica?!

Paul: Yep

Alex: I talked to EVERYBODY in this house. I went and talked to every single one of them. That is why you’re safe!

Paul: Yep

Jessica: Do you think that i’m going to feel safe on the block and then act like I owe you something? I don’t owe you anything for putting me on the block

Alex: We saved you! When did you go home? Literally everyone came upstairs and said “Put up Jessica, we want her to go home”. They didn’t want Ramses to go home, they wanted you to go home.

Jessica: Okay, so everybody wanted me to go home and i’m supposed to be thankful?

Alex: Yes! Everyone came up and told me to get rid of you and we told them no, go for Dominique

Jessica: Okay, so thank you for “saving” me

Alex: Yeah, we did. Watch the tapes back

Jessica: You think nominating me is saving me?

Alex: Yeah. You can say all this

Jessica: No, you gambled my safety

Alex: No we did not gamble your safety

Jessica: Yeah. You gambled correctly, but that doesn’t mean that i’m going to be grateful for it.

Paul: Well since our deal is off, does Cody know the deal you made with her?

Jessica: He does actually

Paul: Does he?

Jessica: I did tell him

Alex: Cody, you’re lying to our faces right now too

Jessica: Of course he knew. Do you think that I was going to allow him to-

Paul: So you’re a liar

Jessica: How am I a liar? How am I a liar? Please explain to me how i’m a liar

Paul: You said of course he knew. You said you weren’t going to tell Cody

Jessica: I didn’t tell Cody until after

Paul: So you told him so-

Jessica: So when I said I didn’t tell Cody, I hadn’t told Cody.

Paul: Riiight

Jessica: I have told Cody, so he knows. So that’s not lying. In that current situation, Cody was not aware. Are you getting that? So no, I did not lie. Do you have any other questions?

Paul: But then you told him. Wait, Cody just said that he had no idea about it. So either he’s lying or you’re lying. Cody is too afraid to talk. You have to talk for him.

Josh: He has a muzzle on, a leash on to engage with the other dogs

Jessica: Are there any more questions?

Paul: There is a few more.

Jessica: Okay? Next

Paul: Um, so, what was that conversation that was had, uh, Matt?

Matt: That Cody told me that he wanted Alex and Jason in the game so that Jason and Raven could go out later on

Jessica: Is that a question?

Paul: Did you know about that?

Jessica: Did I know about that? No. Is that a question?

Paul: I just asked you. Did you know about it. That is the question

Jessica: Until you told me about it, so what’s your point?

Josh: You’re going to war for a man that’s not even standing up for you

Jessica: You guys wanna ask me questions, i’m standing right here. Ask me the questions

Josh: Where is your boy at?

Jessica: Let’s deal with one thing at a time, Josh. Was I aware of it? No. What’s your point?

Paul: I was asking. If you were aware of it

Jessica: It was also week one. A lot of us said things-

Paul: But you were still talking with him week one, right?

Jessica: Let me speak if you’re going to ask me questions.

Paul: Ok

Jessica: A lot of people in this house said things to people during week one that has changed because we’re 41 days in. So if you’re asking if my feelings are hurt, no they’re not.

Paul: That’s not what I asked.

Jessica: Okay, then why do you care what Cody said behind my back? How does that concern you?

Paul: I was just asking you

Jessica: If you’re trying to turn us on each other, we’ve already discussed it

Paul: I’m not. So you knew?

Jessica: We moved past it. Now we’re fine

Paul: So you knew?

Jessica: I knew when you told me, Paul. So again, not lying here. Cody and I had a conversation in private because that concerns him and I. And moving forward we’re fine

Paul: But it also concerns Raven and Alex

Alex: Where are my ears? Who hid them?

Jessica: Do I have your ears?

Alex: Who hid them?

Jessica: Do I have your ears?

Alex: I asked you point blank. Did you hide them? You said trice that “I did not hide your ears”

Jessica: I said what? I said I swear to trice?

Alex: What did you say Mark?

Mark: I found them over there

Alex: What did you tell me before?

Mark: About what?

Alex: You eluded to- Elena, Raven, did you hide my ears?

Mark: I said I found your ears

Alex: Did you say that Raven hid them and dumped out my soda?

Jessica: Didn’t you?

Raven: I’ve already talked to Alex about this

Jessica: Ok

Raven: I said I didn’t hide your cat ears

Jessica: Sweetheart, I was on the block. You think I trusted- She just said every single person in this house wanted me out, every single person in this house includes you, Raven.

Alex: You lie!

-inaudible yelling from Alex, Jessica, and Raven-

Jessica: You don’t think I have a right to throw your game under the bus? You told her to nominate me and get me the f*ck out of this house

Alex: Liar

Raven: Are you kidding me? I didn’t call you out until you threw my name under the f*ck bus, b*tch.

Jessica: You told her to put me on the block

Alex: No!

Raven: I didn’t want you out of this house until you threw me under the bus

Jessica: What do I owe you? I don’t owe you anything

Raven: Are you sh*tting me right now? You like assholes so much because you talk out of yours

-Cody came to take Jessica to the backyard

Alex: Liar!

Raven: Walk out! If you can’t handle the mother f*cking heat, get out of the mother f*cking kitchen, you mother f*cking b*tch.

Paul: There is my girl!

  • Texasgirl

    And to think I liked Alex…

  • Michael

    The house is full of sheeple and Paul is their Shepard, that’s why he has to get the entire house to gang up on anyone who doesn’t want to play his game.

  • social scientist

    Paul is playing a game.
    He did exactly what he said he was going to do.
    IMO; Paul is the best game player that has ever walked through the BB door.

  • Pam

    I tried to believe this game is fixed for Paul, but after tonite’s edit…it’s looking more and more like it is…HG’s this season are talking about story lines and DR telling them things. Sketch….Plus it irritates me they are trying to make Paul look like a cross between Evil and Derrick…and he’s not any where near the players they were. He’s back to prove he’s not an idiot after giving Nicole the game last season…his ego couldn’t take it.

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