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Big Brother 19: Transcript From House Fight With Cody

Despite the plan for this week being solidified and set in stone, that doesn’t mean that new fights aren’t prone to spring up when people get bored.

When Alex realized that Cody ate nearly all of her cereal after she said that he could have some, she went after him, which followed by Jason going after him, which followed by Christmas going after him, which followed with Josh going after him. It was a domino affect that led to things all the way from week one being brought back up.

The fight did get a little ugly towards the beginning, with Alex questioning if Cody even really has a child, but you can read the rest of yourself, as you can find an entire transcript of the full conversation and argument below.


Full Transcript –

Alex: That is f*cked up! Like seriously?!

Cody: Consider it a consolation prize. F*ck

Alex: Consolation prize? You get to go to jury! That’s a f*cking consolation prize

Cody: Oh i’m so glad that i’m out of the running for $500,000 now. Thank you for that.

Alex: It’s not my fault! You put it on yourself, dude!

Jason: It’s totally your f*cking game that got you to where you are

Alex: It is totally your fault! We’re trying to be nice to you and all you do is be a f*cking asshole about it

Cody: All I want to do is eat this honey nut chex.

Alex: Literally you couldn’t save me one f*cking bowl of my own f*cking cereal that I let you have?

Jason: Maybe you shouldn’t have let him have any to start with

Alex: Yeah, like what the f*ck?! I’m the only person being nice to you!!

Cody: I don’t care. I don’t want anybody to be nice to me. I don’t want anybody to like me.

Jason: You just sealed that deal

Cody: I prefer that y’all f*cking hate me and that you never talk to me again

Jason: Well that’s gonna happen now.  I’m gonna flip you off every time I see you now. I thought you were joking at first, but you’re a f*cking idiot for just being a dick to her.

Cody: Thanks.

Alex: I let him have my cereal, some of it, and he eats the entire box! The entire f*cking box!

Jason: It’s gone now, Al, so f*ck it. Who cares. Back to the beginning. It happened. It’s SOP. It’s Cody’s standard operating procedure. So yesterday, all that other sh*t was a bunch of bullsh*t? You actually are a f*cking dickhead?

Cody: You’ve done nothing for me in this game. What have you ever done for me?

Jason: Exactly. I’ve done nothing

Cody: I saved your game and-

Christmas, Actually, Cody, you didn’t.

Alex: You could have put Ramses up

Cody: I could have put you up, but I didn’t.

Jason: You didn’t. You’re right. Now i’m starting to think that wall all a lie

Alex: He’s just trying to throw it in our faces because he doesn’t know how to play the game

Jason: I think you always had her (Christmas) in the f*cking plan and you used me because you knew that I was going to believe you

Cody: Not at all.

Alex: Yes

Jason: You always had her in the plan and you said “Jason, I could have put you up, but I didn’t”. Now i’m starting to think that’s f*cking horse sh*t.

Christmas: Actually that is true because-

Alex: So which have you been telling us is the actual truth? Did Mark and Dominique actually help you or did you just throw them under the bus because you’re just like “F*ck you” to everyone

Cody: I don’t care to talk about this with any of you guys. I don’t care. I don’t care if any of you f*cking hate me. I don’t care. Hate me.

Alex: Oooh okay.

Jason: I’m not going to hate you

Cody: Don’t ever talk to me again. I don’t give a sh*t.

Jason: Are you even from Iowa?

Cody: Oh my gosh

Alex: How is your kid? Do you have one?

Cody: Alex, could you just quit talking to me?

Alex: No, because if you want us to hate you, we’re gonna make you hate us even more. What’s the truth, Cody? How many people do you have to throw under the bus? Do you even like Jessica? Or did you use her for your game? Because even that, you f*cked up her game too. And you didn’t do a very good job of getting far. How many more lies do you have to tell, dude? What do you want from us?

Jason: Over cereal

Alex: Nobody is going to let you win after you f*cked every person in this game. Is it not true?

Cody: I’m done talking, Alex.

Alex: Then go sit in a room!

Jason: Alex, it’s not true. It’s absolutely 100% not true. 100% not true. C’mon, Al.

Alex: Gumpy as f*ck.
Christmas: Hold up, Alex. I think I might have something for you. Only three of us like that kind of cereal and he (Cody) likes to eat a box at a time. Oop. It’s the wrong one. I tried to save something for us just in case this happened but it was the wrong one.

Alex: It’s okay.

Jason: I actually appreciate it now because I was on the fence wondering if he was f*cking full of sh*t or if he was a little bit midwest. Now I know you’re f*cking full of sh*t. Which kinda does hurt me a little bit, so you succeeded. Now I don’t feel bad about f*cking voting your ass off on Thursday.

Cody: When were you ever voting to keep me?

Jason: Good call. That’s a good call.

Alex: And we know the person you’re trying to protect, so go ahead because they’ll probably be next.

Josh: Who is it?

Alex: Go ahead, Cody. Why don’t you tell everyone who it is?

Cody: I have no idea

Alex: Cause you’re lying again! Surprise! How many times are you going to lie?

Josh: Since we’re airing it all out, I have a question

Jason: Oh god

Paul: Josh, hold on. Who is it?

Cody: I honestly have no idea

Christmas: You never had a ride or die other than Jessica?

Cody: None

Christmas: None? You never told me that Mark was your ride or die from day one before I went and had surgery?

Cody: He kinda went back on that one.

Christmas: That’s not what a ride or die is.

Cody: I didn’t f*cking turn my back on him.

Alex: That’s not true. Who started a rumor about Dominique and Mark? The writing in the sky? You and your little Ramses. You and your little errand boy. Tell the truth now. Who started that rumor about Mark?

Cody: You guys are lunatics. Absolute lunatics

Alex: Actually you are when they see that you started that rumor. When they see that, they’ll know it’s you.

Christmas: We’re lunatics that actually talk- communicate, but whenever anything is brought up to be questioned, you shut down, walk away, and don’t talk

Cody: What’s the point?

Josh: Just have a conversation. There is no need to argue

Christmas: Yeah, we’re not arguing. We’re just asking questions.

Cody: What is the point of getting anything out of me? I’m going out this week, so what’s the point of any of it?

Christmas: What is the point of you even being here?

Cody: You’re right. You’re absolutely right. I’m about to go out the f*cking door.

Christmas: To go next? Nice call, man. Good shot

Josh: So who is the person that he’s trying to protect?

Jason: He cannot protect anyone

Alex: He can’t protect anyone. I’ll protect him

Cody: I can get a sympathy vote for Jess, so who can I protect?

Paul: True that

Cody: I can’t protect anybody. I can’t protect my own game

Alex: You could have protected Jessica if she didn’t use the Hex. I don’t know why you’re coming at me like this when you clearly knew about the deal to get me evicted with everyone else and you went and you lied to me in my face in that room

Cody: Which one?

Alex: The one where you said- “We’ll save Jessica if she doesn’t use the Hex” and they’ll all vote to evict me the next week and keep her safe for two weeks. You f*cking knew because she blew you up two seconds later. Do you tell anything in this game that is the truth?

Cody: No. It’s all a lie. Every single bit of it. Every bit of it. That’s why i’m going out the door. I played a horrible game. You guys can all f*cking hate me.

Alex: So who are you trying to protect right now because this obviously isn’t you

Kevin: The best thing that I would say since you’ve come to the realization that you’re going out the door, maybe be honest and let people know what kind of person that you really are. Maybe we wanna know what kind of person you are so they don’t hate you. Maybe they hate the way you play the game-

Cody: Kevin, I don’t care

Kevin: But still you’re a human being. They’re human beings. You can’t just look at them and say “Hate me. I don’t like you”. How can you not like Alex? Christmas? How can you not like people Cody? You can’t live like that. Even when you leave this game, you have to be a person. You have to know to get along with people. You’re always asking my advice. You have to get along. Maybe break down and let people know what kind of person you are before you leave, then you have people saying “Maybe he wasn’t a good game player, but maybe he was a good person and just couldn’t let it out”. Understand what i’m saying? Do you understand my point?

Cody: Yes.

Kevin: That’s all i’m saying. Think about that for a little bit tonight cause we’re gonna be here tomorrow for 24 hours together and 12 hours on Thursday. It takes a real man to say “Why don’t everyone sit down at the table and listen to me. This is what happened, I tried to play this way, I apologize. The word “I’m sorry” isn’t a hard word to say. It really isn’t. It’s only two words.

Cody: I don’t regret anything that I did.

Kevin: I know, but do you understand what i’m saying? They’re human beings. For me to just say “I hate you, Elena. Don’t talk to me. I hate you Christmas”. That’s making them feel like they did something wrong. They’re human beings. You can talk to everybody and treat everyone nice and maybe go off on a good foot on that aspect with us. You get what i’m saying? I’m not getting on you. I’m not saying what you did or how you treat everybody, but you only got two days. Why don’t you just enjoy it?

Cody: If everyone wants, I will be polite, I will be courteous, I won’t talk to anybody.

Christmas: I don’t want that

Paul: It’s not that we want that, Cody. You can do whatever you want.

Alex: You can be a decent human being. When have I once been mean to you on a personal level?

Kevin: Nobody hates you. They don’t know you

Alex: I cooked for you, I let you use my sh*t. On a personal level I was respected you and when we had to do game, we were nice to you about it and told you exactly what we were going to do.

Kevin: I personally only been here 55 days and could never say I hate anyone in this house.

Josh: We’ve had our words and said f*cked up sh*t, but I have no hate for you.

Cody: That’s fine.

Josh: I just don’t know you, so I don’t understand where your hatred towards me comes from.

Christmas: I don’t know why you guys are even preaching to him because he doesn’t give a f*ck. He hasn’t before, he won’t still. He’s not saying anything. He’s saying nothing. All he wants to do is walk the f*ck away.

Alex: I think he’s faking this because this isn’t him. I think he’s trying to make himself the target.

Cody: What’s wrong with that? I’m not the victim. There is no victim.

Josh: He’s trying to protect Elena?

Alex: This isn’t him. He’s a genuinely nice guy right now.

Kevin: That’s what i’m trying to tell him. Let it out, man.

Alex: Be truthful about what you’re doing.

Josh: Cody, have you ever had an alliance with Mark?

Cody: All I want to do is be by myself.

Christmas: Well then you shouldn’t have come on Big Brother

Alex: Exactly!

Cody: Oh my gosh.

Paul: Why is he also trying to protect Elena?

Elena: I would like to know.

Alex: He’s not this bad of a guy. I think that is what he’s trying to do.

Josh: Do you want to answer the question or no?

Cody: I don’t want to answer any questions.

Kevin: So then if that’s how you want to be, it’s like what Christmas said. Forget it. If you don’t want to talk, then that’s enough. I just think personally it hurts. You have to treat people like people. It’s 2017

Cody: I promise from this point forward I will be polite, I will be courteous, and I will just shut the f*ck up.

Christmas: But we don’t want you to shut the f*ck up. We want answers, Cody. We’d like some answers. I think Alex has a few, I think Josh has a few, I think the rest of the house has a few.

Cody: I’m going out the door.

Christmas: It doesn’t matter. We still want answers.

Cody: I don’t-

Christmas: You don’t want to give answers.

Cody: Nothing I say anybody will believe anyways.

Josh: That’s not true

Christmas: So what?

Alex: That’s not true because we did believe you. Jason and I believed you

Cody: Yep. I didn’t mean to be a jerk, Alex.

Christmas: That’s not an apology and he doesn’t answer your questions and he obviously doesn’t want to play this game. If he wants to be left alone, he shouldn’t be on Big Brother. If he doesn’t want to answer questions, he shouldn’t be on Big Brother.


At this point Cody left to go to the bathroom to wash his hands. Josh followed him, asking Cody more questions about Mark and Elena, but Cody said that he didn’t want to answer anything. Josh told him about how disloyal both Mark and Elena have been to him, to which Cody said that he already knows. Eventually when he was making his way back towards the bedroom, he was asked a couple more questions by everyone.


Paul: Why didn’t you tell me you knew I was going up?

Alex: He (Cody) said you did.

Paul: He said you did multiple times.

Mark: Cody, when Alex won the veto and I went to you to you in the storage room and i’m like “Who are you going to put up?”, what was your exact response to me.

Cody: I wouldn’t tell him.

Paul: But he didn’t know I was going up? He had no idea

Cody: I only mentioned it to him one time and he was very resistant to it.

Paul: But you (Mark) had an inkling.

Josh: When you came in the second time, not the first time, the second time, did Mark align with you again?

Cody: No. It was just me and Jessica.

Josh: It was just a friendship that you guys had?

Cody: I mean, yeah. I bullsh*t with Mark. That’s it.

Josh: Okay.

Paul: Clarity.

Alex: How hard was that?

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