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Big Brother 19: Thursday Episode Schedule Changes

The trend continues with preseason football interrupting the original airing of Big Brother, only this time it’s for an eviction episode.

Thursday Night Football will be interfering with Thursday’s live eviction all across the country, whether it be CBS having to move the channel it airs on to outright delaying the episode for up to 5-8 hours. You can find a full list of all those who will be affected by preseason football below.


  • WBZ, Boston MA – Moved to WSBK
  • WFOR, Miami FL – Moved to WBFS
  • WCAX, Burlington VT – Delayed until 2:07am
  • WTVH, Syracuse NY – Delayed until 2:07am
  • NTKR, Norfolk VA – Delayed until 2:07am
  • WTOC, Savannah GA – Delayed until 10:00pm
  • WKRG, Mobile AL – Delayed until 1:07am
  • WKBT, La Crosse WI – Delayed until 1:07am
  •  WIFR, Rockford IL – Delayed until 1:07am
  • WHBF, Rock Island IL – Delayed until 1:07am
  • KGAN, Cedar Rapids IA – Delayed until 1:07am
  • KSLA, Shreveport LA – Delayed until 1:07am
  • KMTV, Omaha NE – Delayed until 1:07am
  • KKTV, Colorado Springs CO – Delayed until 1:07am
  • WAFB, Baton Rouge LA – Delayed until 1:37am
  • WJAX, Jacksonville FL – Delayed until 2:07am
  • WPEC, West Palm Beach FL – Delayed until 2:07am
  • WBNS, Columbus OH – Delayed until 2:07am
  • WTOL, Toledo OH – Delayed until 2:07am
  • WHIO, Dayton OH – Delayed until 2:07am
  • WANE, Fort Wayne IN – Delayed until 2:07am


The delay times listed are for the local timezones in each state. If you’re going to be affected by Thursday’s preseason football, make sure to Follow Me on Twitter for live updates throughout the episode and i’ll be tweeting out a stream link about a half hour before showtime on Thursday!



  • Gail Lessard

    It’s just as well.

  • Betty Barratt

    I now have 1 more reason to be thankful that I live in Central OR. However, I’d find another way.

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