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Big Brother 19: Thursday Episode Schedule Changes

We were able to avoid preseason football interrupting any broadcasts for the Sunday and Monday shows, but sadly it’ll be interrupting tonight’s eviction show in several cities.

Preseason football continues to be a menace to the Big Brother fans who just want to watch our favorite show of the summer, but luckily everyone except an unlucky few in five different major markets this will week will be fine and can watch tonight’s broadcast on the normal channel at the normal time. You can find a list of all the changes for tonight’s episode below.


Schedule Changes –

  • WJAX, Jacksonville FL – Delayed until 1:37am
  • WFMY, Greensboro NC – Delayed until 1:37am
  • WCSC, Charleston SC – Delayed until 1:37am
  • WFOR, Miami FL – Moved to WBFS
  • WPEC, West Palm Beach FL – Moved to WTCN


The times of the delayed episodes are in the local timezones for each of the states. If you are affected by preseason football, make sure to Follow Us On Twitter, as we always tweet out a online stream for each eviction episode 30 minutes before showtime, which is on top of tweeting live updates on everything that happens throughout the episode, including how each houseguest voted!

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