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Big Brother 19: The Plan To Make Cody Crack

There originally was a standard plan to get Jessica to not use the Hex to save Cody, but after that went up in flames after post-veto meeting drama, a new, not so standard, plan was devised.

Once the veto meeting was over and Jessica and Cody were left on the block, it was clear to the viewers at home that Jessica would have to use her Halting Hex this week to save her and Cody, but even after very public fight between Raven and Jessica happened, Paul still thought there was a way to salvage the original plan.

Even though Paul is the one who instructed Raven to fake cry to go after Jessica and Cody, he’s using that as one example of Cody being a bully and a justification for the new plan to “bully the bully”. Paul said that the only way to get Jessica to not use the Halting Hex now would be for Cody to crack and show his aggressive side, which Paul said is Cody’s true colors. Paul believes that if Jessica sees Cody acting like that, she won’t want to keep him in the house after the way she reacted to Cody getting into Paul’s face after the nominations.

Paul made it clear that the typically banging pots and pans isn’t going to be what could make Cody crack. Christmas suggested that they start to question Cody’s military service, since Jason mentioned a story once told where Cody was pinned down by a sniper, but couldn’t remember how he got out of it. Ever since then, Jason has always looked at Cody as suspicious. Paul was on board with the plan to question Cody’s service, stating that if that were to happen, he and Josh could jump on and finally get Cody to crack.


Matt said that he was on board with the plan, but was adamant that it isn’t going to be a good look and that they’re trying to antagonize a person, Cody, who has killed people before. Matt said that he feared for the safety of people like Josh if he went after Cody. When Matt said that he thought what they were planning on doing wasn’t necessary, he ended up getting into an argument with Christmas after she said that it’s necessary because Cody made it necessary.

This plan caused a small fracture within Paul’s alliance, as after Matt left, Christmas made it clear to Raven that she didn’t like Matt lecturing her like that when they’re on the same page and in agreement. When Raven told Matt about this, he was just as unhappy about the situation.



Josh was the first to kick this plan off, first telling Cody that he should have thrown the Battle Back to Cameron. Josh kept antagonizing Cody, saying that Cody has been boring him to death and that Cody can’t learn social skills, despite how old he is. Josh said that Cody has made his bed and that he’s going to lay in it now. While Cody didn’t respond, Josh said that he’s not going to personally attack Cody since Josh is the bigger man, but said that he’s just going to mess with Cody until he self evicts.

Cody is yet to respond to anything that Josh has said. We’ll have to wait and see if Paul fulfills his promise to join in on the action sooner or later.

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