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Big Brother 19: Temptation Competition Explained

It’s been a pretty crazy summer of twists so far, but latest one that was revealed last night could possibly end up being one of the most consequential of the summer.

Since Jessica took the Halting Hex after being tempted with it, a consequence was going to be unleashed on the house. The consequence could actually end up saving several houseguests over the next few weeks, but it also has the ability to doom others.

The Temptation Competition is a new competition that’ll be played before the nominations, but only by those who want to compete. The houseguests will be tempted with the ability to play in it, with the chances of securing their safety for the week when it comes to whoever wins, but for the player who comes in last place, they’ll be instantly put on the block as a third nominee, alongside the two other nominees that the HOH puts up. This will be played for the next three weeks. They do not have to compete in this competition. It’s completely a choice.

This means that the latest temptation is essentially a high-stakes veto competition, with the winner being safe before nominations are even made and the loser being instantly nominated. This will give Jessica and Cody the chance to compete for safety and save themselves from having to use the Halting Hex before they absolutely have to. It’s going to be an interesting next few weeks.

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