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Big Brother 19: Tables Start To Turn On Elena

It seemed as though Elena’s game was on the rebound after putting some distance between her and Mark, but she moved up on nearly everyone’s target list before being nominated.

For the last couple weeks, it was Mark that was putting a damper on Elena’s game because of his association with Cody and Jessica, but now the opposite is true. Now it seems as though Mark will be the one benefitting from the appearance of a separation.

Jessica and Cody were the clear targets for everyone going into this week, but everything is falling into place this week for Paul’s alliance to start cannibalizing each other before they can get even one of Jessica and Cody out for good. The intention this week was to nominate Jessica and Cody, but the biggest wrench possible was thrown into the plan when Cody won the temptation competition and Jessica came in last, making herself the third nominee, but forcing Josh to put up two other nominees.

Josh nominated Mark and Elena, telling both that they’re pawns. While Josh has wanted Elena out from the jump, it was Paul who needed convincing to start truly questioning Elena, let alone getting her out this week. When Josh was telling Elena why she was being a pawn, telling her that she is a strong competitor, Elena threw Alex and Paul’s name out as people who are stronger than her. In doing this, Elena gave Josh the ammo he needed.

He promptly told both Alex and Paul. Paul went to do damage control post-nomination ceremony with Elena and find out the truth. Paul told Elena that he didn’t believe that she actually threw him under the bus, but told the rest of his group that it’s clear from Elena’s reaction that she did in fact throw his and Alex’s name out as potential nominees.

Paul said he still wants Jessica out this week, but made it clear that if Jessica wins the veto, it’ll be Elena who goes home instead of what likely would have been Mark. Elena is the main target for both Christmas and Josh. Elena moved up to being the third overall target for virtually everyone else in Paul’s majority alliance, behind only Jessica and Cody. Mark moved down to being the fifth overall target, as Paul has decided he wants Matt out before Mark, which garnered the support of Alex, Christmas, Jason, Josh, and Kevin.

We now just have to wait and see who ends up winning today’s veto competition, as Elena could end up finding herself being evicted the week before the houseguests become guaranteed jurors.

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