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Big Brother 19: Sunday Episode Schedule Changes

Now that preseason football in in full sway, it’ll continue to interrupt virtually every single Big Brother broadcast in one market or another, today’s episode being no different.

Thursday episodes will remain the most heavily affected by preseason football, with Sunday and Wednesday episodes not being affected as bad. This week there will only be four markets affected, though they’re fairly large markets in California, Nevada, and Arizona.


Schedule Changes –

  • KBAK, Bakersfield CA delayed until 9:00pm
  • KFMB, San Diego CA delayed until 10:00pm
  • KLAS, Las Vegas NV delayed until 9:00pm
  • KSWT, Yuma AZ delayed until 12:30am


The times listed above are all in the local timezones for each state. We’ll be tweeting out a stream to watch online and live updates throughout the show, so make sure to Follow Us on Twitter, as we’ll also keep you posted on other interruptions for Wednesday and Thursday’s episodes!

  • CeeJaay Lebs

    With all the cable/satellite sports channels as well as FOX, CBS has to carry them as well interrupting their other shows? NOT every American lives for Football…or for BB for that matter, but why do sports always take priority, let the ball game show late..not the programs scheduled for that time zone.

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