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Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Houseguest Self-Evicts First Week

In one of the most shocking things to happen on Big Brother in years, a houseguest has self evicted before the live feeds even came on after being caught scheming.

Megan Lowder from Big Brother 19 – Source: CBS

Megan Lowder, who we saw get called out and nominated in Thursday’s episode, has self-evicted. It turns out that while it wasn’t shown on TV, she actually had been scheming behind people’s back, which eventually came back to bite her pretty hard, both in terms of being nominated and the fight that ended with her leaving the show.

Based on what we know from other houseguests talking about the incident, Megan had told several lies about someone, which Christmas said would have done irreversible damage to whomever it was about in the house had it not been handled. The person who Megan had been telling lies about ended up calling her out in front of everyone, leading to the argument that resulted in Megan choosing to leave the show.

Christmas and Raven made it clear that Megan came into the game playing way too aggressive and was so arrogant about it all that she couldn’t believe that she ended up getting caught. Instead of doing damage control, Megan decided it was best for her to leave the game all together. Because Megan left the game while she was nominated for eviction, that meant that Cody had to nominate someone in her place, which ended up being Alex.

We’ll keep you updated as we learn more about the confrontation that led to Megan’s self-eviction.


UPDATE: It was revealed by Alex that Megan tried making it seem like Jessica made a racist comment about her, but that when Alex got upset about it and went to the producers, they said that the racist comment wasn’t made. Alex confronted Megan about it in front of Jessica and Cody, which led to the big argument that made Megan quit the game.


UPDATE 2: Megan released a statement giving her reason for leaving the house. Read here.

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