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Big Brother 19: Second Temptation Competition Results

This week’s temptation competition will be the first to actually matter, as it could end up determining the fate of this week’s nominees, depending on who wins safety.

Since Jessica and Cody are the two clear targets in the house, the only chance they have of making it out of this week together is for one of them to win this competition while the other goes on to win the veto. Paul made sure that everyone except for Josh and Christmas competed in today’s competition to stack the deck as much as possible against their two targets for the week.

Cody won safety, while Jessica came in last place, making herself the third nominee. This is exactly as Jessica and Cody had planned it, as they wanted one of them to win it and the other to lose to ensure that they get to compete in the POV. The scrambling for who to target has already started, as Josh told Paul that he wants to get Elena out this week instead of Jessica, to which Paul is very against.

The nomination ceremony will be soon, which will have plenty of interesting repercussions as the houseguests fret over the possibility of Jessica winning veto, making both her and Cody untouchable for the rest of the week.

  • Betty Barratt

    I so want the house to evict Jessica. Let Cody rage for a week and get him out, then after that, I don’t really care.

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