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Big Brother 19: Raven Falls Down The Stairs

First Mark dislocated his finger, then Christmas tore ligaments and broke her foot, and now we have another injury as Raven fell down a few stairs after slipping, cutting open her foot and hitting her head on the stairs in the process.

The incident wasn’t on the Live Feeds, but it could be heard in the background. After slipping, you could hear Raven begin grunting in pain, saying that she hurt her foot and hit her head on the stairs. Raven’s foot was immediately dripping blood and it was said that her foot was already bruising, turning black and blue. Cody picked Raven up to carry her to the DR as Paul yelled for a medic, which is when the feeds went down.

Raven returned after about 30 minutes in the DR with an ice pack for her head and her foot wrapped up in bandages. She said that she’s going to have to get stitches on her foot, where she said that her toe split between the railing on the spiral stair case. She said that the DR is going to be watching her to make sure she doesn’t get blurred vision or other symptoms of a concussion after banging her head against the stairs. The houseguests even had to go on an HOH room lockdown so that production could clean the blood from the stairs. This was all taking place while Christmas is undergoing surgery on her broken foot.

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