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Big Brother 19: Premiere Night Recap!

We have finally made it to Big Brother premiere night, and it was a big one! Several new twists and temptations were revealed, as well as an early eviction!

Julie Chen from Big Brother 19 – Source: CBS

Julie started off the show by teasing all the new twists this season, saying that by the end of the episode, money would be offered, a fan favorite might return, and that someone might get evicted early. After introductions and the houseguests got to know each other, Julie told them that it was time to reveal the first twist of the summer.


Each of the houseguests went to the background to sit in seats that the houseguests around them couldn’t see what we going on inside, which is where a button was. Whichever houseguest pressed the button first would get $25,000, but with the caveat that a twist would be unleashed on the houseguests. Kevin ended up taking the $25,000. After the money was claimed, Julie explained that the person who took the money wouldn’t be eligible to win the first HOH competition and would have to throw it.

After Julie like the houseguests stir among themselves, the doorbell rang and Paul from Big Brother 18 entered the house as the 17th houseguests as a result of Kevin taking the $25,000. Julie then told the houseguests that not only is Paul back in the house, but that he would be taking one of their spots. Paul got 9 “Friendship” bracelets, one of which were for him, that he would put on 8 houseguests of his choice to make them safe from eviction. Each of the houseguests had to “tempt” Paul to get him to choose one of them for his Friendship bracelets.


Paul chose Kevin, Raven, Dominique, Mark, Jason, Jessica, Ramses, and Elena to be safe from tonight’s eviction, which left Cody, Matt, Megan, Alex, Josh, Cameron, Jillian, and Christmas all up for eviction, though they were all given a chance to save themselves in a competition.

The houseguests up for eviction had to hang onto a trapeze for as long as possible, with the last person left being safe from eviction. For the first 7 that fell, they had to choose an apple which could be safety, but 3 of them were “poisoned” apples that could send three of the houseguests to the chopping block.

Cody ended up being the last man left, which means that he was safe from eviction. After opening up the apples, Christmas, Cameron, and Jillian had the poisoned apples, making them the first houseguests up for eviction of the summer.


The final temptation allowed the block nominees to vote on whether they want to compete in a final competition for their safety or allow their fellow houseguests vote to evict one of them. 2 of the 3 houseguests chose the house vote. In a vote of 8-3-2, Cameron ended up being the first houseguest of the summer evicted.



It was only the first episode of the summer, but it was jam packed with awesome entertainment that will continue tomorrow night with the second part of the 2-part season premiere! The Live Feeds also begin tomorrow night, so make sure you get your access! You can watch the entire first week of the live feeds for FREE with a 7 day trial by signing up here.

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