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Big Brother 19: Paul’s Plan To Evict Kevin

We thought we were in for a fairly straight forward week after Jason won the HOH and nominated Matt and Raven, but Paul has since came up with an agenda of his own.

Going into today, everyone was in agreement that they were going to send Matt out this week, but that changed after the veto competition. Once Jason won, which was the eighth competition win between Alex and Jason, Paul finally realized just how big of a threat they were. So after the competition, Paul went to his closest allies, Christmas and Josh.

Paul told Christmas and Josh about it being clear that Alex and Jason are a strong duo, so he floated the idea of getting Kevin out this week instead of Matt. Christmas and Josh were both on board with the plan, Christmas adding to it that Kevin is a number for Alex and Jason while they would still be on good terms with Matt and Raven if they were to stay in the house. Josh said that it wouldn’t matter if Alex and Jason were upset after the vote was revealed because without Kevin, they’d be outnumbered.

Paul then went to Alex, asking her if they should just take out Kevin this week. Christmas played on the fact that Alex was already upset with Jason telling Kevin about the plan to use Kevin as a pawn, saying that it was Kevin who is putting pressure on Jason to begin with. Paul explained to Alex that if they sent Kevin home this week, Matt and Raven would remain comfortable and wouldn’t care about winning anything. Alex asked who they’d put up next week, to which Paul said Matt and Raven. Alex agreed to the plan, stating that it might be the smartest thing that they can do, but said that they’re going to have to convince Jason.


Alex told Jason that he has to put Kevin up. Jason said that he can’t, but Alex insisted and said that they’re going to send Kevin home. Jason again said that he isn’t going to put Kevin up and said that Kevin isn’t going to win anything to be a threat to them. Christmas reminded Jason that he gave Matt and Raven his word, which would be two jury votes against him. Paul said that Kevin is only going to become more of a pain to them while Matt and Raven will continue to suck. Jason said that Kevin is one person while Matt and Raven are two. Jason said that he’ll think about it before finally walking out of the room.

When Jason left, Alex told Christmas and Paul that this will draw a line in the sand between her and Jason if she doesn’t do this, stating that she’ll let Matt and Raven know that she didn’t have any part in the decision to not use the veto. Alex said that Jason choosing not to use the veto is screwing both of their games.


When alone in the hot tub, Paul asked Jason what he’s thinking. Jason said that he doesn’t want to send Kevin home yet. Jason explained that if Matt and Raven stay, they’re going to put up one of them and Alex. Paul said that he could possibly convince Matt and Raven to backdoor someone other than them, but Jason wasn’t convinced. Jason said that Kevin wouldn’t have the balls to put them up, but Paul said that Kevin would. Paul said that even if Kevin won and put up Christmas and Josh, they still wouldn’t want that because it’s too early for players like them to be taken out. Paul told him that either decision between Matt and Kevin would benefit them, but said that Kevin is just fake.

After about 15 minutes of convincing, Jason told Paul that he’s already sorta on board wit the plan to get Kevin out, but said that he’s just upset about Alex trying to blindside him with it. Jason said that Alex is more worried about her own safety than both of them collectively while Jason said that he’s been worried about both of their safety. Jason went on to say that Alex has been talking to Christmas more than she has him, which upsets him. Jason explained that Alex was trying to guide him into putting Kevin up this entire time while secretly planning on voting Kevin out.

Jason finally said that he’s had it with being a minion and every move and thing that he does being predetermined. Now we’ll just have to wait and see if Alex is able to fully convince him to put Kevin up at Monday’s veto ceremony, as Jason is currently fairly upset with her at the moment.

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