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Big Brother 19: Paul Warns Jessica Of Using The Hex

Paul has been putting a plan together in the last 24 hours to try to get Jessica to not using the Hex so that they could send Cody home this week. He finally decided to bring the plan to Jessica, but it didn’t go exactly how he expected it to.

Paul told Jessica that with them being just one week away from jury and if she uses the Hex, she’s preventing nine people from getting to jury. Jessica said that she doesn’t care what anyone wants because Cody is the only one in the house willing to keep her safe. Jessica added that if people want to evict Cody, they’re going to have to do it themselves because she isn’t going to have a hand in it. Jessica said that she wants to make jury with Cody and she’s going to exhaust all the powers she has to make sure that happens. Jessica explained to Paul that there is nothing anybody in the house could offer her that would make her feel safe after she had the house promising her that they’d evict Josh.

Paul told Jessica that he wanted to go back on the point she made about Cody being the only one keeping her safe, since Paul said that is false. Jessica said that Paul is the one who put her on the block. Paul told Jessica that she doesn’t need Cody, that she’s been the one keeping Cody safe while he has been dragging her game down. Paul asked Jessica if she thought about the possibility of her not making jury if she uses the Hex. Jessica said that she has. Paul told Jessica that the only reason Cody wanted to work with Alex and Jason that first week was so that they could take out Jessica and Raven for him and Matt. Paul said that Jessica got the first landslide vote, so he said if that doesn’t say anything to Jessica about her safety without Cody, she’s looking at it from the wrong angle.

Paul told Jessica that if she uses the Hex, she’s going to be the house’s target ahead of Cody, since Cody would be an easy target to get out later since he won’t have any social game. Jessica said that if she didn’t use the Hex, the things she’d want in exchange would be two weeks of safety and for Alex to go home next. Paul said he could secure Jessica the two weeks of safety, but Alex being targeted next would be up to the HOH. Jessica said that they all want Cody out of the house that bad, so she wants Alex out of the house that bad. Jessica added that if there is any “but” about it, she’s going to use the Hex, sine she rather go after Alex herself with two people. Paul said that if she uses the Hex, everyone is gunning for her, not Cody. Jessica said she understands that.

Paul said that by not using the Hex, should would make the house happy. Jessica said that she’s tried of making the house happy since the house has never made her happy. Jessica said that a group of people saying do what they want or else they’re coming after her doesn’t sit well with her. Paul said that this isn’t the attitude people play Big Brother with, but Jessica said that she’s not going to be bullied into doing something. Paul told Jessica that Cody wanted to keep Alex and Jason in the game so that they could take out Jessica and Raven. Jessica said that she wanted to go talk to Cody about that, but Paul said that would cause a rise.


Jessica went to go ask Matt if what Paul said was true, but Matt said that he didn’t think that it was relevant anymore since it was said nearly five weeks ago.

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