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Big Brother 19: Paul Tells Alex He’s Not Saving Her

Paul has played a near perfect game up until this point, but winning the veto yesterday when he didn’t need to meant that he’d have reveal to Alex that they’re not as close as she thought.

Once Jason was sent home in a blindside eviction last week, Alex was convinced that Paul was the only person left that actually had her back, so when Paul won the veto, she was convinced that she was safe for the week and that Kevin was finally being sent out the door. However, in reality Paul has been working closely with Christmas and Josh, who had the real agenda of getting Alex out the door this week.

Paul discussed with Christmas and Josh how he should go about telling her, suggesting that he should say that Christmas, Josh, and Kevin all threatened him with their jury votes if he were to use it, but Josh didn’t like the idea. That didn’t stop Paul from using that reasoning.


The conversation started when Alex tried coming to Paul about who they’re going to take to the final three with them. Paul explained to Alex that he’s in a pickle because if he uses the veto, he’d be throwing his game in the trash, stating that he’d lose Christmas, Josh, and Kevin’s jury votes, which he said is on top of Alex already having Cody and Jason’s votes, which would ensure that he loses. Paul said that they’ve been homies and could sweep until the end, but said that he’d be playing to lose at that point and he doesn’t want to let those behind him down when he actually has a shot at winning this time.

Alex told Paul that she even wanted him to win this veto because she thought it would make them both safe, but said that he should do whatever he thinks is best for his game. Paul said that it sucks, but said that he actually has a chance at winning and he has to take it. Paul added that he knows that if he were to use the veto, he’d be the next target since he said that Christmas, Josh, and Kevin have been hinting at it.

Alex told Paul that she even put him before Jason, which she said is what is killing her. Alex said that she keeps getting screwed left and right, but Paul said that he hopes that she understands that isn’t what he’s intending to do. Alex explained to Paul that he should do what is best for his game and that they’ll be friends in the real world, but said that what he’s doing now is sh*tty. Paul said that he wasn’t going to blindside her and is being honest with her now because he likes her. Alex said that she understands his position.


Paul told Alex that if she goes home this week, he’ll only have to beat Christmas, Josh, and Kevin. Paul added that he believes that he’ll be able to beat Josh in the final two. Alex explained that is what Cody said Paul would do, but Paul said that this hasn’t been his original plan. Alex said that she doesn’t care about getting second place, it’s losing to the people that are still in the house that bother her. Paul said that he’s genuinely upset about it too.

Alex told Paul that she now feels like she set up the entire game for him to sweep Christmas, Josh, and Kevin. Alex said that if he were to use the veto on her, it would be the two of them vs only Christmas. Paul said doing that would be high risk while going with not using the veto is the easiest path to him winning. Alex said that she’s mad at herself for this point for throwing so many crucial competitions. Paul said that he just can’t make the same mistake that he made last year. Alex said that she understood and didn’t want to keep going over it.  Paul said that he’ll try to get Christmas and Josh on board with keeping her. Alex said that those two have already expressed the notion that they could beat Kevin and said that she knew she shouldn’t have trusted Christmas.

Paul tried comforting Alex by telling her that he’s pretty confident that she’ll be getting America’s Favorite Player, $25000, but she said that doesn’t make it any better. Paul promised to do what he can when it comes to trying to convince Christmas and Josh otherwise. Alex said that if they would have taken Kevin out last week, she wouldn’t have felt so bad about going out this week. Alex also promised Paul that he’ll have her and Jason’s jury vote, stating that Jason might think that this was Paul’s plan, but that she’ll get him to vote for Paul.


During this conversation, Alex was mostly silent, nodding along to everything that Paul had to say. Paul had a somber tone, saying a few times that he didn’t want to cry in front of her because he knows that Alex doesn’t like that. Paul also reiterated several times that he just can’t make the same mistake that he made last year.

  • Gloria Taylor


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