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Big Brother 19: Paul tells Alex and Jason about Kevin’s $25,000

Kevin taking the $25,000 temptation that ended up bringing Paul into the house was arguably one of the best kept secrets of the season, but that isn’t the case any longer.

The only person that we knew for sure Kevin told about the $25,000 was Paul, which he ended up telling right away so that they could build an instant friendship, since Kevin actually was the reason that Paul even came into the game. Paul has been on an anti-Kevin kick for the last week and a half, but has always kept this secret to himself. After a full week of an anti-Kevin crusade, Paul decided that it was finally time to start telling people.

Paul first tried telling Josh, but Josh said that he already knew. When Paul asked how, Josh said that Kevin confided in him. Paul said that he’s going to let that bomb drop on Kevin soon enough. Josh protested doing such a thing, since Kevin is going to be a jury vote that Paul needs. Paul said that he doesn’t and never has cared about such a thing. Paul told Josh to have his back when he does drop that bomb on Kevin.

After discussing it with Josh, Paul then went to go to Alex about Kevin taking the money. Paul told her that it’s a bomb they can use against Kevin later on. Alex asked if Kevin told Paul that he took the money. Paul denied, saying that it was Josh who told him. Paul explained that Kevin told Josh the minute the competition was over. Paul said that it’s another reason for them to get Kevin out. Paul said that Kevin is already sitting on $40,000. Alex said that all of these lies are starting to make her question if Kevin even really has kids. Paul said that he’s questioning the same thing.

Finally, Paul told Jason about Kevin taking the $25,000. Paul said that Josh knew the whole time but was just too scared to say anything to either of them. Paul added that he asked Kevin about it, to which Kevin confirmed. Paul told Jason not to mention that part to Josh.



Things got interesting when Paul left, since Jason was skeptical that Kevin really took the money. Both Alex and Jason agreed that it made more sense for Ramses to have taken the money. Alex said that Kevin could have told Josh that he got the money as a joke, but Josh didn’t read Kevin correctly. Jason asked why Josh would even tell Paul such a thing. Alex said that it’s because Josh thinks that Kevin is coming for him, so he wants people to have his back.

Jason then brought up the possibility of it being Jillian who took the money, stating that during the competition where the houseguests had to remember the fake tattoos photoshopped onto the first three evicted, Jillian had dollar signs up and down her forearms. Alex said that Kevin is playing the old man and that Jason is giving him too much credit. Jason said that he believes that either Jillian or Ramses took the money. Jason eventually said that it’s irrelevant who took it because it served it’s purpose of getting Ramses out. Jason then said that Paul and Josh could be bringing this up now to get Kevin out since it worked so well with Ramses. Alex said that Josh brought it up because he’s scared of Kevin coming after him, not because he wants Kevin out right now. Alex said that Josh actually likes Kevin.

When Paul found out that Jason was skeptical, he questioned why Kevin would even make up such a lie to Josh. Jason said that he doesn’t know, but that Josh could be using it to get Kevin out. Paul said that it’s the other way around, that Kevin wants Josh out now because he knows that Josh knows too much.


It’s only a matter of time before this makes it’s way back to Kevin, which will be interesting feeds when it comes to how Kevin will end up handling it. Paul could end up getting in trouble since he told Alex and Jason that he didn’t find out until today, when in reality he was the first person to know out of everyone in the house.

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