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Big Brother 19: Paul Reveals Final Two Plans

Paul has controlled the house for virtually the entire summer and now it all comes down to deciding who he believes he has the best chance of winning it all against.

While it’s likely that Paul could beat anyone in the house left in the final two, it’s possible that taking a certain someone is a lot more risking than taking the other two, as there is a chance for bitter jurors and the possibility that said person could win the final HOH and completely hold Paul’s fate in his hands.

Paul revealed last night that his goal is to take Josh to the final two with him and hope to sweep the first part of the 3-part Head of Household competition as well as the third part on finale night. This would ensure Paul a spot in the final two and let him decide who he wants to take with him, which he made clear during a cam talking session would be Josh. Paul is hoping that he’ll win via unanimous vote if he were to take Josh to the final two with him.

Paul is still covered if Christmas were to somehow make it to the final part in the 3-part HOH  competition and win, as it is a mental competition, because Christmas will almost certainly take him to the final two too. However, that isn’t going to be the case with Josh.

Deciding to take Josh to the final two with him instead of getting Josh out tonight before the final three is arguably Paul’s riskiest move of the season, as Josh is very unlikely to take Paul to the final two with him should he win part three of the final HOH competitions. Josh will also have the strongest case to the jurors compared to the other two competitors currently left. While he obviously doesn’t have the case that Paul does, the last few bitter jurors could come back to bite Paul if they don’t get out of their funk, which isn’t looking too good if their post-eviction interviews are any indicator.

Since Paul has seemingly settled on his plan to take Josh to the final two, he convinced Christmas last night to cast her sole vote to evict against Kevin later tonight, which ensures that the Mistfits alliance each makes it to the final three and keeps Paul’s plans alive.

  • Chi-rish

    Still hoping for a miracle but the check has probably already been written to Paul.

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