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Big Brother 19: Paul Confronts Dominique

It’s been a crazy last 12 hours in the Big Brother house and it all came to a head at 6:00 in the morning when Paul confronted Dominique about what she’s been saying about him.

After having a brief conversation with Dominique downstairs, Alex returned to the HOH room to tell Paul that Dominique thinks that Paul is a snake and wants to call a meeting about that at some time. Paul explained that Dominique thinks he’s a snake because she believes he’s the saboteur this season, but said that he wants to confront Dominique about this accusation now, which is what he did.

Once Paul got Dominique up to the HOH room, Paul questioned her about saying that he’s a snake. Dominique denied every giving any specific names. Paul said that she might not have said his name, but she heavily implied it. After going back and forth on whether Dominique implied that Paul was a snake or not, Dominique finally said that they can vote her out if they want, but said that she has been loyal to every person in their team. Paul told Dominique that it’s clear to him now that she has chosen him as the enemy. Dominique said that it’s because he has snake tendencies, then pointed out how it’s interesting that he’s being so reactive. Paul said what’s actually interesting is how he’s calling her out and she can’t answer for anything.

Dominique told Paul that she wants to call a house meeting with everyone instead of just addressing a third of the house like is currently in the room. Paul said that he’s willing to wake everyone up right now for the meeting, but Dominique said she wanted to let them sleep. The theme of this entire argument was whether or not Dominique implied Paul was a snake or actually said his name. This was talked about in circles for well over 15 minutes.

Christmas finally joined the HOH room after a DR sessions. Dominique brought Christmas up to speed on what has been going on and how she sees things have been playing out. Dominique said that she doesn’t understand why she’s being targeted when everything that she has said is true and that she hasn’t spoken negatively about anyone and that it was Paul who spoke to her about dissolving their main group. Paul said that it was obvious that the group was going to blow up, then name dropped Alex as being the person who told him that Dominique called him a snake. Dominique said that she didn’t say his name, but Alex said that she did imply it.

Christmas told Dominique that she brought up the idea that someone was an infiltrator within their group last week and asked if Dominique wanted to say who it was. At first Dominique said that she didn’t want to name names, but eventually said that she does believe the infiltrator to be Paul. Christmas asked Dominique why Cody would mention her name if Paul was the infiltrator, then clarified her question on what Dominique’s relationship with Cody was. Dominique said that she wasn’t working with Cody and that the relationship wasn’t any different than what everyone else in their group had. Mark seemingly woke up from being asleep at this point, telling Christmas that if two people were working with Cody like he said, she wouldn’t be in the house right now.

Dominique and Paul went back and forth for a few more minutes on who is undeserving of trust and who actually wronged the group before Dominique finally checked out for the night to go to bed. Catch up on all the conversations that followed the argument by clicking here.

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