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Big Brother 19: Matthew Gets A Penalty Vote

It’s been a couple years now since the last person, Audrey, got a penalty vote for breaking the have-not rules, but Matt made sure that he ended up with at least one today.

Since Jason didn’t use the veto, that ensure that either Matt or Raven would be sent home this week. Instead of fighting for himself to stay, Matt decided to make sure that Raven is the one who stays by breaking the have-not rules by eating normal food. Production tried warning him away from this, but he went ahead with it anyway.

Jason later called the houseguests into the living room for the formal announcement that said that since Matt has decided to break the have-not food rules, he would be receiving one penalty vote to evict against him. However, Matt has broken several rules since, including taking a normal shower instead of the cold showers that have-nots are supposed to take.

It remains to be seen if Matt will get another penalty vote for taking the normal shower, but it’s also debatable on whether or not Matt is breaking a much more serious rule, which is using production as strategy. Productions warned him beforehand that he’s toeing the line when it comes to that rule, but Matt didn’t care. By Matt taking penalty votes, he’s using production’s rules to his advantage by making sure that it’s going to be virtually impossible to evict Raven this week. It’s unclear what the punishment for that would be, as that is and has always been a much more serious rule than just the have-not rules.

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