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Big Brother 19: Mark Campaigns to Christmas and Josh

The Power of Veto ceremony is tomorrow morning, which means that if Mark has any hope for saving himself this week, the best way to do that would be to try to convince Christmas to put someone else up as the replacement nominee, which is what he attempted this afternoon.

Mark joined Christmas and Josh in the HOH room, saying that he wanted to see if there were any final deals or words he could say that would change their mind about putting him up as the replacement nominee tomorrow afternoon. Mark explained that he understands if there is nothing he can do to change their mind, but said that he just knows that he’d regret it if he at least didn’t try. Christmas said that she understands and brought up the fact that she did promise him that she’d think about it, but said that she’d like to sit on it a little longer because the veto meeting isn’t until tomorrow and someone could self-implode before then.

Josh asked Mark if he had a final two deal with Jason that started at the beginning of the season, to which Mark confirmed. Josh asked how that final two deal would change if they were to keep him, questioning why they would keep someone who has a deal with someone else. Mark explained that his deal with Jason went up in flames the moment that Jason went after him and Elena during the double eviction. Mark said that he’s all alone and that he’s never broke his word to anyone other than Cody, which Mark said that he only did that so that he could go to bat for Christmas.

Mark told Christmas and Josh that if he were to stay, he would be an asset that would go to bat for the both of them. Josh changed the subject back to previous actions, asking who Cody was trying to flip the house on. Mark said that he assumed everyone, saying that Cody didn’t tell him, but said that what he heard from others is that Cody tried getting Matt and Raven out, but then turned on everyone after it didn’t work. Mark said that he understood that it’s hard to believe that he and Cody weren’t talking, but Mark swore that they weren’t.

Mark told Christmas that if taking him out is best for their game, they should do it, but promised that he would never break his word to them. Josh said that while Mark is making good points, it would have shown more had Mark stood by Cody. Josh said that if Mark turned on Cody who was a close friend to Mark, how could Josh believe what Mark is telling him when the two of them have already had problems in the past.


Mark told Christmas and Josh that there is big games move that could be made and said that he doesn’t want them taking him out just because it’s the easiest move there is. Mark added that if Matt and Raven were to win, they are likely coming after both Christmas and Josh. Mark said that if he were to stay, he’d be loyal to them and would remain a bigger target in front of both of them. Josh said that they’d be screwed. Mark said that making such a big move increases their odds of winning it all. Josh said that Mark needed to give him more than what his current offer was because it wasn’t enough. Mark said that they need to look at Alex and Jason, who are both good at competitions and everyone loves them, which means they have jury votes. Mark said that if they were to send Alex home this week, that would be the biggest competitor out of the house and then they’d have a new ally in Mark.



Once Mark left the room, Josh told Christmas that Mark needs to man up. Christmas said that Mark could really work it, to which Josh said that is the reason that Mark needed to go. Josh added that if it were Alex and Jason in the position that they are now, Mark would have just thrown the two of them under the bus. Josh said that he thinks he could beat Mark in a competition, but said that he doesn’t trust him and that Jason would align with Mark if they were to get Alex out instead.

Christmas agreed, moving on to the order of eviction, saying that they should get Alex out before Jason in the coming weeks because Jason would essentially become a Raven without Alex to tell him what to do. Josh agreed, saying that Alex has the ability to win if they were to take her to the final four while someone like Raven couldn’t. Christmas and Josh both agreed that Alex also needed to go before Kevin. Christmas ended the conversation with Josh by saying that the one thing that she did take away from their conversation with Mark is that Alex is the clearly their biggest competitor.

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