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Big Brother 19: Mark and Christmas Make Up

This week’s eviction vote is nearly split down the middle, which means that every single vote is going to count. Christmas currently had a razor thin majority on her side, but getting Mark on her side would seemingly close the deal.

Mark was the one holdout, who didn’t trust Christmas after she asked uncomfortable questions during Dominique’s fake talk show about Elena and other things he spoke to her in private about. Mark would tell Paul’s side that he was going to vote to keep Christmas, but would always go back to Cody in search of trying to find enough to get her out. But after being convinced my Dominique to have a heart-to-heart with Christmas, Mark seems to have finally changed his mind.


Mark put his emotional feelings aside and told Christmas that he loves her and understands how it looked yesterday with his indecisiveness and seemingly trying to avoid her. Make told Christmas that she had been nothing but there for him whenever he needed it, but said that he wasn’t there for her yesterday and would like to apologize for that.

Christmas accepted his apology, but explained to Mark how when he was always with Cody and would leave the area every time she would come around, that made her believe that he knew about the veto meeting plan. Mark told her that he really didn’t have any idea and all he did was misplace blind trust in Cody to do the right thing. Christmas said that she believes him, but that she would be lying if she said she wasn’t hurt by his actions yesterday. Mark told her that he messed up, promising her that she’ll be safe from eviction this week.

Christmas told Mark that he doesn’t even really have to worry about her going after Jessica or Cody because she’s in no position to win the next HOH and by the time she is able to compete, things will have changed in the house, but said that her position will remain that she doesn’t trust Cody anymore. Mark told Christmas that he still wants the nine of the original group to make it to jury, but said that if Christmas did win HOH and wanted to go after Cody and Jessica, he wouldn’t stop them because he has realized that Cody and Jessica dug their own grave.

Christmas and Mark went on to discuss their relationship and how trust broke down, which resulted in tears from Christmas. Mark was there to console her, promising her that he would make it up to her and show her just how much she means to him. Christmas said that she accepts his apology and that he doesn’t need to apologize for his actions yesterday anymore because she doesn’t hold grudges.

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