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Big Brother 19: Live Feeds Blackout After Double Eviction

Even though it’s the first double eviction of the summer and it almost always leads to fallout afterwards, we’re not going to get to see any of it until late Friday night.

The live feeds will be going down a couple hours before the live double eviction show begins and won’t be returning until midnight EST, after the special Friday episode airs on the west coast. We still don’t know what that Friday episode is for, but we do know that a special guest will be involved, according to what Executive Producer Alison Grodner told BBN.

This means that we won’t learn who won the Head of Household competition and who they nominated until more than 24 hours after tomorrow’s double eviction episode. We’ll only get to see the two who were evicted, but what we’ll be missing, which is arguably the most important part, is the fallout that follows surprising events like what can happening at the double eviction.

If a big target is taken out via a surprise HOH win by Mark or Elena, we’re going to be missing out on hours and hours of good drama, only getting to see the trimmed down version that makes the show.

We’re hoping that whatever the special Friday episode is, it’s worth missing the drama regularly follows a double eviction episode. During this time last year, the special Friday episode was the Ziggy Marley concert. If we learn anything more, we’ll be sure to update this post with the new information!

  • DewyRose

    I don’t really give a hoot about a concert or special guest or whatever…I want to see who the second evictee is and the drama /fallout that IMMEDIATELY follows due to such eviction…I do not want to wait and see a watered down edited version of all the fallout.This is so unfair to the live feeders who pay to be in the here and now or should I say the there and now…just another way for CBS to SCREW US PAYING VIEWERS ONCE AGAIN!!!

    • dcatlady2006

      I agree with you DR. I don’t get the feeds, because seeing & listening to Paul, on the show & After Dark is more then enough for me! It isn’t fair for the ones paying to see the good stuff on the feeds to be blacking it all out. I’m disappointed, because I won’t be able to find out from the spoilers either.

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