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Big Brother 19 Likely To Show More Competitions On Live Feeds

Some of the best night’s of the entire summer on the live feeds are that of HOH competitions that we get to watch after Thursday’s show comes to an end. Luckily for us, we’re likely to see even more of that this fall on Big Brother 19.

Being that everything from Big Brother 19 will be on CBS All Access, we knew that it was likely we were going to see more of what we usually didn’t with the normal summer broadcast, since that was broadcasted to TV instead of exclusively to the internet. With both the episodes and live feeds being at the same location, keeping competition results a secret from the casual viewer will be next to impossible.

That all being said, our “confirmation”, so to speak, is from a Big Brother producer on Twitter, who answered a fan’s question regarding competitions being shown on the live feeds. Heath Lunman, a co-executive producer who has been with the show since it’s creation, said the following;

Like the rest of you, I hope he’s right. Competitions being shown on the feeds will be an added encouragement for people who have thought about getting the live feeds, but weren’t sure. It’ll be interesting to see if competitions other than just HOHs will be shown, such as Power of Vetos and any other new competition that comes along with a twist.

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