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Big Brother 19: Kevin Tells Jessica About The Planned Blindside

When Jessica decided to not use the veto on Josh or Ramses, she solidified the plan to get Ramses out behind her and Cody’s back. Paul made it the entire week without Jessica finding out about it, but Kevin decided to spill the beans the night before.

Jessica nominated Josh and Ramses this week with the full intention of sending Josh home over anyone else, even when given the chance to backdoor anyone she wanted by winning the veto. Instead of taking Ramses down and putting up someone who would be a better pawn, Jessica decided to leave the nominations the same, since she was being reassured by everyone in the house that Josh was the target.

What she didn’t know is that everyone other than Mark and Elena were in on the plan to blindside Jessica and Cody at the eviction by voting to keep Josh instead. They were nearly exactly 24 hours from the eviction when the plan got out. When alone in the bathroom, Kevin told Jessica that he believes that the votes might flip and that the kid with glasses, Ramses, will be going home.

Jessica instantly went to Elena and Christmas, asking them if they know about any plan that has been put in place to actually evict Ramses, but both said that they didn’t know anything. Jessica told Christmas that she knows Christmas wants to give Josh a pity vote, but said that she really needs Christmas to vote Josh out for the plan to work. Christmas didn’t guarantee anything, just saying that if Jessica is still uneasy about it tomorrow, Christmas will solidify her vote then.


When Jessica finally got back to Cody, she told him that she knew that the second she didn’t use the veto that there was going to be a plan to flip the vote against Ramses. When Cody asked who she thinks doing it, Jessica said that her assumption is Paul, but that she doesn’t know for sure. Jessica said that she believes Paul is actually keeping Elena in the dark about this one because he knows how close Elena is to Ramses. She said that she’s not going to sleep tonight and will be breaking up every conversation that’s held downstairs.

Kevin joined them in the HOH room temporarily, which is when Jessica asked him if he’s going to be voting to keep Ramses. Kevin said that he would. Kevin told Cody and Jessica that he doesn’t know that there is a plan to keep Ramses for sure and that he could actually be wrong. Kevin said that he just doesn’t want them to be blindsided.

Finally, Cody told Jessica that they’re not going to be able to change anyone’s minds as to how they vote, so they should just sit back and watch how things end up playing out. Before ending the conversation, Jessica questioned the possibility of Paul not actually flipping the votes, but actually just trying to get Alex and Jason to vote that way so that those two have a target on their backs going into next week.

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