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Big Brother 19: Kevin Offers Cody A Deal

Following yesterday’s veto competition, Cody had a new deal pitched to him, despite Jessica’s fate being sealed and Cody being the clear target going into the new week on Thursday.

Once Jessica lost the veto yesterday, it was clear to the houseguests and the viewers at home that Jessica’s fate was sealed. Even though Josh wants Elena out, his only hope of that happening was for either him or Jessica to win the veto, but that didn’t happen. The rest of the house, including Christmas, want Jessica out.

Despite this, Kevin offered a deal a new alliance deal to Cody, though he pitched it to Jessica and let her give him the details of it. Kevin told Jessica that once she’s gone, she’s willing to watch Cody’s back for her, then laid out the deal he had in mind. Kevin said that if Cody could agree to not target four people, he believes that Cody could last at least another 4 to 5 weeks in the house. Kevin didn’t explain his four people to Jessica, but the four would be Kevin, Alex, Jason, and Paul.

When Jessica told Cody about the deal, he initially agreed, but after thought, he said that he wasn’t going to make any deals with anyone. Cody’s reasoning was that he’s still going to be a target no matter what and even if Kevin’s group was loyal, they’d still use him as a pawn since he’s at the bottom of the totem pole. Cody said that his plan instead was to take out as many people as possible and force others to be evicted as he wins his way through safety via either the HOH competition, temptation competition, or the veto competition. Cody also said that the group would want him to take out Mark and Elena for them, but Cody said that he refuses to do their dirty work like that. Instead, Cody listed off Alex, Christmas, Josh, Matt, Paul, and Raven as the people he wants to have a hand in getting out.


Meanwhile, thinking that Cody would be open to the deal, Kevin pitched the idea to Paul. Kevin’s pitch was that they’re the ones who hold all the cards now, so asked why they wouldn’t give Cody a chance. Kevin said that they could use Cody to help them get out Mark, Elena, Matt, and Raven. Paul said that Cody is the type to tell others behind their back that they’re wanting this deal. Paul said that what they can do instead is wait to see who wins HOH, then if it’s Cody, they can make any kind of deal that he wants.

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