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Big Brother 19: Josh Terrorizes Mark

There were several heated arguments following the blindside at the nominations ceremony, but all were topped by the almost one-sided battle between Josh and Mark.

Josh and Mark have had their issues for a couple weeks now, mainly dating back to when Mark threw hot sauce into Josh’s face. Since that incident, Josh has been intentionally annoying Mark at every turn. Things looked like they were heading towards a better relationship before nominations, as Josh and Mark agreed to be friends outside the house and even shook hands, but things took a sudden turn after the nominations.

Josh said that poor Jessica is getting caught up in the middle of the douchebag Cody, which is when Mark told Josh to “shut the f*ck up”. This is when Josh just went in on Mark, telling him that he should have stood up for Dominique, not Cody. He called Mark a follower, someone who had to depend on Cody to keep him safe. Josh called Mark a coward just like Cody, then told Mark not to talk to him. Josh said that Mark should stand up for himself and not someone who doesn’t have his back like Cody. Josh said that Mark wants to defend someone who gets into other’s faces like Cody, but won’t defend someone like Dominique.

After several more minutes of insults, Josh got some pans and started banging them as he walked towards Mark. This is when Mark got up out of his seat and charged Josh, attempting to take the pans out of his hands and then making the motion as if he was going to hit Josh with it. The feeds cut out before anything else happened.

When the feeds returned, Mark was in the back room with Cody and Josh was in the kitchen, still yelling insults towards Mark. Josh continued yelling insults for nearly an hour, at one point even bringing the pots and pans back out and banging them together while standing on the couch. Mark never responded following the charging incident, but that didn’t stop Josh from having his fun, throwing out every insult that he could think of. You can watch all this drama for free with a 7 day trial to the Live Feeds by signing up here

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