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Big Brother 19: Josh Reveals His Plans For Thursday’s Vote

This week has divided the house nearly right down the middle, which means that every single vote going into Thursday’s eviction counts. As it stands, the ultimate swing vote will be the one person who has talked the least amount of game; Josh.

While Josh and Christmas have always been pretty close because of the way she helped him get through the emotional first few days of being away from his family, Josh typically hung around Alex and Jillian the most, even promising her his vote, which made some believe that he was going to betray Christmas.

Yesterday morning, Josh was alone and told the viewers at home that his plan was to stay loyal to Paul and Christmas with the idea showing that loyalty by keeping Christmas in the house this week. Despite this direct confirmation from Josh, it was brought into question later that night after a conversation he had with Cody and Jessica.

Jessica and Cody made their pitch to Josh that he was an outsider like them and that their intentions were to keep all the outsiders safe. Cody made it clear how important Josh’s vote was and that he ultimately had the most power in the house since he was a swing vote. Josh told them he was going to keep Jillian, but it was his conversation afterwards with Alex, Jason, and Kevin that convinced people he was turning on Christmas. He told them that he was keeping Jillian and that the six of them and Ramses needed to stick together.


Despite all this, it took Josh less than an hour to bring Paul into the storage room and tell him everything that Jessica and Cody told him, explaining to Paul that they’re fulling convinced he’s on their side when he’s actually planning on keeping Christmas. Josh told Paul that he only trusts him and Christmas. Josh said that he told Jessica and Cody that he’s keeping Jillian and that he’s going to continue saying that, but said he’ll be evicting Christmas this week, securing Jillian’s fate as the seventh vote against.

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