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Big Brother 19: Josh Puts Mark On Blast

It’s only been a couple days since the last major confrontation, but today we’ve had another, though this time it was all started because of a lost pool bet.

Mark and Josh were playing pool and made that bet that whoever loses would have to drink hot sauce and pickle juice. Josh seemingly won the game, but Mark and everyone else said that Josh double hit the ball when he finally sunk the 8 ball, which is equvillant to a scratch. Josh argued against that, which is when Mark and Josh got into an argument over his word. Mark ended up throwing the hot sauce and pickle juice into Josh’s face after Josh refused to drink it.

Once Mark tried to apologize, telling Josh that he feels bad and said that he didn’t want to hurt Josh, Josh said that it wasn’t about him being hurt, it was about Mark disrespecting him. Josh said that he no longer has any respect for Mark. This is when Josh really called Mark out. He said that Mark says he’s a man of his word and are loyal, but said that Mark was plotting against Paul week one. Josh added on top of that, stating that Mark was also plotting against Christmas. Josh told Mark not to ever question his word as a man.

Josh told Mark that that he has Raven and everyone else in the house talking bad about Josh all the time. Josh said that from here on out, he doesn’t want Mark to talk to him and that if Mark wins HOH next week, he wants to be sent home. Mark asked Josh what was being said about gameplay, not personal. Josh said that Mark made it personal and started questioning his word as a man. Mark told Josh that he said his word about the game and wants Josh to say these things to his face. Josh said that Mark knows what he did and questioned why Mark reacted the way he did when Cody put Mark on blast. Josh said that Mark screwed up. Mark said that he’s seeing that now. Josh asked if there is anything else Mark wanted to say, but Mark said no.

Josh then turned to Elena, asking why she was going out of her way to make sure that Mark didn’t step up and call out Cody. Elena didn’t answer, instead asking Josh how he’s going to bring up someone’s word when he’s the one who voted for Christmas to stay after giving his word to Jillian. Josh said that Christmas has been there for him on a personal level since day two and said that he told Christmas that she had his vote.

Jessica tried asking Josh what else he said to her and Cody when in the room alone. Josh said that Jessica’s track record when it comes to being honest is shit. Jessica asked Josh directly if he apologized to her several times in the last few days for lying to her. Josh said that Christmas knows where he stands. Josh told Jessica that he did lie to her and said he was going to vote out Christmas, but said that is because he doesn’t owe Jessica anything. Josh added that Jessica has been looking down at anyone not in her alliance and said that Jessica didn’t come talk to any of the outsiders until she suddenly needed their vote. Elena asked Josh if what he’s saying is that his word is only good when Josh believes he owes someone.

Josh told Jessica that she rallied against a girl, Christmas, who was supposed to be apart of her team, but said that now Jessica is trying to act like she’s apart of that team again. Josh said that when Elena opens her mouth, there is facts behind it, but said that Jessica has nothing. Josh ended with saying that Jessica inserted herself into this argument to prove a point and failed, then asking the house if anyone else had something to say. Josh told the group that he’s been an outsider since day one and has heard all the negative things they’ve said about him on a personal level.

  • Betty Barratt

    in my never so humble opinion, Josh has not played a good game since day one. I know he can’t help his voice, but when he uses it, he is saying nothing of importance.

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