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Big Brother 19: Josh Begins To Question Paul’s Game

Paul has made it to the final six unscathed, but he seems to have overextended himself this week as his own alliance members are starting to realize what he’s doing.

Since Christmas nominated Alex and Jason together, you’d think that it would be a simple week for the group when it comes to getting Jason out, but Paul has devised a plan to where everyone throws the veto to him, he takes Alex off, then he gets to vote for Alex to stay so that Christmas gets to be the tie-breaker. While Christmas was on board with this plan, Josh wasn’t, as he saw what Paul was trying to do.

Following the veto players being picked, Josh got Christmas alone to discuss Paul’s game. Josh told Christmas that while he trusts Paul 100%, he sees that Paul is playing every angle when it comes to jury votes. Josh explained that it’s best for their game for Raven to win POV since she’d keep the nominations the same while Paul would use it on Alex and vote for her to stay, which means that he stays in good graces with Alex while they get targeted for sending Jason out if Alex were to win HOH.

Josh told Christmas that this plan that Paul has come up with is all for Paul’s benefit and jury votes, so he said that he’s going to start pushing back on it. Josh said that Paul is going to have to either stop working every angle or he’s gonna have to make a choice when it comes to who he is actually working with. Christmas agreed with Josh that if Paul does win the veto and takes Alex down, the vote will have to be unanimous so that Paul equally gets the blood on his hands too.

Christmas said that she feels great about their team, to which Josh said he does too, but brought up how Jason said he heard that Josh is in an alliance with Christmas, despite Josh never even going into her HOH room this week. Josh said that he thinks that Jason got that idea from Paul. Christmas told Josh to bring these issues to Paul, but to not be aggressive about it. Josh told Christmas that what he’s looking at is that while Paul votes to keep Alex, the two of them will be loosing two jury votes because they stood together while Paul gains them. Christmas said that she doesn’t like the ripples in their team. Josh said that he’s down for Paul’s plans, just not when it comes to who gets the jury votes.

Josh finally told Christmas that if they got the route that Paul is wanting, Alex and Jason will turn on him while Alex gets closer with Paul. Josh said that if they’re a team, they should be working as a team. Christmas said that they just need to make sure that this is addressed with Paul.


Now we’re going to have to wait and see if Christmas brings this conversation back to Paul, as she could be thinking that they just replace Josh in the final three with Raven. Josh also mentioned that if Paul were to play the final two angle with him, he’d play into it, but said that Christmas knows where his head is actually at, which means that Josh might be one of the only people in the house who wouldn’t take Paul to the final two with them.

  • Ichima Dewitt

    Wait… it’s JOSH who’s finally figuring this out? Josh? Really? Wow…

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