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Big Brother 19: Josh and Elena’s Fight

Despite just having a very public fight with Cody, the attention turned to Elena once Cody had left the room and the people left in the kitchen got to talking.

Once Cody had left the room and people were done rehashing what just happened, Josh turned to Elena and said that he was shocked by her actions the week before last. Elena questioned why they were even talking about this again when the two of them already had a conversation where Josh said that he knew where Elena was coming from. Josh said that when Jessica won power, it was Elena who tried rallying people against him, but when she realized that Josh was staying, she proved how disloyal she was by turning on Cody and Jessica on a dime.

Josh told Elena and Mark that when it comes to game, he doesn’t trust either of them, citing their actions are clear indicators that they’re not trustworthy. When Elena asked how she was untrustworthy, Josh said that she has always been untrustworthy and that he just needed the house to see it, but with her actions during the veto competition, taking the $5000, everyone sees it now too.

Josh asked Elena if she threw Alex, Paul, and Matt’s name under the bus as pawns instead of her. When Elena said no, Josh called her a blatant liar. Josh questioned what Elena is so worried about if she’s tripping as much as she was about being a pawn. The two began talking over each other, which is when Elena started to get allowed to both get her point across and be heard over Josh’s talking. Elena said that she was told that the real reason Josh put her up is because she voted him out, which she then said only happened because everyone else in the room with them lied to her and said that is what they were doing.

As Elena began trying to explain her case, Josh kept interrupting and talking over her, which is when Elena screamed for Josh to shut up for five seconds so that she could finish her sentence. Josh questioned why she would be so upset if what he’s saying isn’t true. Elena said that it’s because he’s accusing her of lying in front of the house when she actually isn’t. Elena said that Josh made it seem like she wanted Paul on the block because she was more entitled to be in the house than him, when in reality Josh was just twisting her words. Josh swore on the bible and his parents that he wasn’t twisting her words. Josh said that he said Elena’s words verbatim, to which Elena said he didn’t and questioned if he even knows what that word means.

Josh then brought up the promise that Elena made to Alex about not cursing her during the veto competition, using that as an example of Elena being a liar. When the topic of conversation made it’s way back to being about Josh putting Elena up, Elena said that Josh told her that he wasn’t putting her up because she voted him out, but Christmas said that actually was the reason. Christmas then jumped in, saying that she didn’t telling Elena that and insisted that Elena was lying. Josh said the reason he put Elena up is because she’s both a mental and physical competitor, but did bring up Elena’s vote against him. Josh told Elena that she has shown that her word doesn’t mean anything and that she has shown nothing but disloyalty with her actions towards Jessica, Cody, and several other people.

Josh changed the subject again, bringing up Mark. Josh said that Elena jumped ship with Mark the night before when she questioned the group why Mark would be hanging out with Cody. This didn’t go far, as Christmas brought up Elena going back on the promising she made with Alex during the veto competition, which Alex then go involved with, yelling at Elena. Alex said that Elena went back on her word and back on her team. Alex said that Elena doesn’t care about them and even though they included her in their team, all Elena did was backstab them.

Elena turned the conversation around on Alex, stating that she knows that Alex has been throwing her name around. Christmas jumped back in to defend Alex, saying that wasn’t true. Per usual, this line of attack didn’t last long before it was turned back to Josh’s beef with Elena, where he repeated the same words from above, just in a different way. Josh told Elena that he loves looking at her because she’s beautiful, but said that he doesn’t want to work with her on a game level. Josh said that Elena made it personal by pleading that she needs the money to help her parents. Elena tried turning it back on Josh again, saying that he lied about the votes with Christmas and Jillian, but Christmas said that Josh admitted it. Josh said that everyone knows he can stand by Christmas while Elena can’t even stand by her own showmance.

Elena told Josh that he’s intentionally trying to make Mark feel bad. Josh then turned to the room and asked if anyone else had heard Elena jump ship with Mark, to which Christmas said that she has. Elena said that it’s perfectly fine that she’s playing a separate game from Mark’s. Alex joined in, saying that Mark stayed with Elena the whole time, but that Elena didn’t return the favor to Mark.


It’s unclear if Elena is more of a target than Cody, but that is very unlikely. What is likely is that Elena moved ahead of Mark on the target list for the double eviction, but then again, they still have more than 32 hours to brew and think  that one over, which they’ll probably flip back and forth a few more times.

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