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Big Brother 19: Josh and Christmas’ Secret Plan

While it seemed clear to everyone that Cody and Jessica were the target, an internal alliance fight for influence over Josh has broken out and it seems like Christmas has won for now.

Everyone thought that Christmas was just one of Paul’s minions, but it’s clear now that once the big alliance finally fractures, the power struggle will be between the two of them. It started last night when Christmas told Josh not to listen to everything Paul says, and now she’s moving forward with a secret agenda this week that Josh so happens to agree with her on. The two had a conversation early this morning about the secret plan before everyone else work up.

Josh kicked things off by telling Christmas that he wants to backdoor Elena this week if he’s given the option. He said that if either Jessica or Cody save themselves, Elena is going up and he’d want the votes to flip to get her out. Josh said that he’s only telling Christmas this, not even Paul, and that he’s going to keep up the facade of only wanting Jessica and Cody out for now. Christmas said that since she can’t play in the temptation, she’ll watch to see who throws it, stating that she doesn’t believe that Mark and Elena actually split. Josh said that was another red flag to him since the second Elena’s game showed a sign of trouble, she was disloyal enough to drop her showmance.

Josh told Christmas that Paul doesn’t see any of this because for his game it’s best for Elena to stay since she wouldn’t target him, but said that Elena wasn’t only a vote to evict him the other week, but she also campaigned hard against him. Christmas said that Elena is her #1 target. Josh said that he feels the same.

Josh said that he trusts Paul, but said that Paul isn’t going to see the perspective he’s coming from in wanting Elena out. Josh explained that if Jessica and Cody pull themselves off, he doesn’t care who Elena is next to, he wants her out, but said that in the meantime he’s going to have to placate the house by putting up Jessica and Cody. Christmas told Josh that Paul didn’t see how shady Mark was until everyone saw how obvious it was, explaining that Paul will eventually come around on Elena too.

Josh said that it was a red flag that Paul tried telling Josh to go get home water so that he could talk alone with Elena in the HOH room. Christmas told Josh that Paul can’t be kicking him out of his own HOH room and that he needs to tell Paul “no” more this week. Josh told Christmas that by keeping Jessica and Cody, they have huge house targets in those two and Paul, while Mark would be alone when Elena was out of the house. Josh said his argument to Paul when the time comes is that he knows where Jessica and Cody stand while Elena played him. Christmas said that Josh is going to need more facts than that to persuade the house.

Christmas told Josh that he should approach Jessica before nominations and tell her that there is a bigger plan at play here and that whether she believes it or not, Josh actually has her back. Josh said that if he did that, Jessica would alarm Elena and if things didn’t go as planned, she’d use it against him in front of the house. Josh said that he’d tell Jessica that it’s nothing personal, he’s giving her a chance to play for her safety, and that Cody is the target.

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