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Big Brother 19: Jessica Warns Elena Of Christmas

Since Jessica’s fate is all but sealed, she has been looking to help out those who have been her friends in the house, which is a very short list. Elena was the first person Jessica got the chance to help.

Jessica told Elena that she has things that she wants to tell Elena before she leaves, but said that Elena just can’t react emotionally. When Elena said that she wouldn’t, Jessica told her that Christmas doesn’t like her. Jessica explained that Elena’s name has been coming out of Christmas’ mouth and that the person who has been giving her information also said that if Jessica were to campaign, she’d be able to flip Christmas’ vote.

Jessica said that she’s not going to campaign against her close friend Elena, but said that Elena just needs to be wary of Christmas and know that Christmas isn’t her friend. Elena thanked Jessica for the information, telling her that she’ll make sure to keep an eye out for Christmas now. Jessica added that if the power in the house flips to Alex’s side, Christmas will get further than Elena because she knows their pecking order and Elena is third, behind only Matt and Raven.

Jessica told Elena that her closest ally that will get her furthest is probably Paul, but said that either people will latch onto him the entire game or he will be turned on sooner rather than later. Elena tried getting it out of Jessica who the person feeding her this information was, but all Jessica would say is that someone who wasn’t able to stick their neck out for her, but care about her enough to give her helpful information.

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