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Big Brother 19: Jessica Thinks About Using The POV

After planning on keeping the nominations the same all week, Jessica questioned for the first time seriously as to whether she should use the veto to take Ramses down or not.

Jessica’s goal is to take Josh out this week, but what she doesn’t know is that there has been a plan in place to blindside her, Cody, Mark, and Elena at Thursday’s eviction. Despite everyone telling her that Josh will be going home, Jessica said that she felt in her gut that something was off and that everyone could be lying to them and actually planning on keeping Josh just to terrorize her and Cody.

Jessica said that she’d use the veto on Ramses and put up Alex as the replacement to ensure that Josh goes home. Cody said that while he doesn’t have a problem with Alex being a pawn, he said he preferred they just left the nominations the same and rode it out, stating that they have nothing to gain by stirring the pot. Jessica said that if there is a plan to blindside them at eviction, it doesn’t matter what they do at the veto ceremony since they’re already targets. Jessica explained to Cody that if they look at it from the other side of the house’s perspective, Ramses doesn’t have anything to offer and it would make sense to take him out instead. Cody insisted that Jessica was just getting paranoid and that putting up Alex would be too much of a risk itself since she’s a big target too. Cody said that if Jessica uses the veto, she’s going to look like a wild card to the rest of the house, then the heat won’t just be on Cody. Jessica finally said that she’s going to talk to Paul and if he’s unable to look her in the eye and say that it’s going to be unanimous to evict Josh, she’ll use the veto.


Jessica not got around to talking to Paul, but she did speak to Elena, who she believes is very close to Paul. Jessica asked Elena to be honest with her and tell her if she’s going to be getting blindsided at eviction or not when it comes to Josh being evicted. Elena said no, that her and Mark will be voting out Josh, along with Matt, Raven, and Paul. Elena explained that even if Alex and Jason were to vote to keep Josh, they’d still have the numbers to get him out. Jessica thanked Elena for being honest.

We know that Jessica believed what Elena said because she went back and told Cody, going as far as saying that this is the second week in a row that the entire house is unified to get a single person out, implying that she won’t need to use the veto since she now thinks she knows for certain that Josh is going home. However, it’s worth remembering that this is Big Brother and it only takes a few minutes of a conversation for everything to change, so something could happen before the veto meeting.

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