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Big Brother 19: Jessica Tells Kevin About Her Temptation

Jessica was given the Halting Hex by America last week, which gives her the power to stop an eviction in it’s tracks. It was less than a week before she revealed it to someone other than Cody.

Jessica’s temptation lets her halt an eviction, essentially being a self-imposed reset week, where both nominees are taken off the block and a new week is started. Since she got the temptation last week, after she’s done being HOH this week, the temptation will only be good for two more weeks, but that didn’t stop her from hinting otherwise.

Jessica’s explanation to Kevin was that it’s better than Paul’s temptation. When Kevin asked if she’s hypothetically safe for four weeks, Jessica nodded confirmation. Kevin asked if she can take a nominee off the block, which is when Jessica said that she can take multiple people off the block, not just one. Kevin asked Jessica if she believes that people are actually going to believe her. Jessica said that if they don’t, whoever puts her and Cody on the block can deal with the consequences. Kevin promised Jessica that he isn’t going to tell anyone and that she should have kept it secret and to herself. When Kevin asked why Jessica doesn’t keep it quiet instead of revealing it to see what people do, Jessica just said that there was more to it than that.


It’s possible that this could backfire on Jessica, as if Kevin believes Jessica was talking about the curse when she said whoever nominates her and Cody will face the consequences, her entire claim could be brought into doubt when Julie reveals the actual house curse like is planned for Thursday’s live show. It’s also possible that now that someone knows who took the temptation and knowingly cursed the whole house, it could be used against her if it’s truly something bad. We’ll have to wait and see if Kevin tells anyone before Thursday’s show.


Update: Kevin has since ran the idea past a couple of his allies, Jason and Paul. Jason didn’t have much to say, but Paul said that he doesn’t believe that they’d give the same temptation twice and that they’ll just get out Cody if Jessica got it because he said that Jessica couldn’t save both her and Cody.

  • Degerman Noel

    I will laugh my ass off if Paul or someone wins HOH and puts up Cody and or Jess and she pulls her curse out to find out the effect of entire house is the past evicted house guest get to put up noms which would screw Paul BIG time

    • jaggok

      It will be good if Paul puts them both up and they use it. Then they have no protection after that. Force it out. When they come down then Mark and Elena go up and Cody’s friend Mark goes home.

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